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List of Power Words in Meta Titles that Boost Conversions

The role of SEO in driving traffic from the internet cannot be neglected by any means. It has become an important asset for digital marketers to regularly generate organic leads from the internet.

That is the major reason why they always pay huge attention to using the correct practices of SEO. They cannot make any mistake while writing the meta tags, especially the titles and descriptions. Both of these things play a crucial role in defining the intent of the pages to the search engine. Their powerful wordings can not only help to grab people’s attention, but could also allow to boost site conversions regularly through the internet.

Some individuals think that just using targeted keywords in meta titles is important. This theory is half-correct because keywords alone cannot totally force people to click on the pages. They need some extra bit of value in words to get attracted to any site. This could be done by using power words in the meta titles. It is the first thing that comes to the notice whenever a person sees any site on the search engine. If the title is supported by some inspiring words, then people do feel attracted to them no matter which position they are placed in.

In this blog, we will enlist some of the popular words that could make your meta titles engaging to read. But before moving into it, let’s first understand how to improve your on-page SEO by using a creative meta title.

Importance of Meta Titles for SEO

Meta titles play a huge role in grabbing the eyeballs at the first glance. They basically draw a strong picture in the minds of the readers that are looking for some potential answers. This can lead to increased traffic on the web pages if they are properly displayed on the search engines. That is how conversions will also increase, giving SEO writers some good results from their hard work.

According to top SEO experts, writing correct and engaging meta titles is the most important part of on-page SEO. It has the capability to grab people’s attention, provided the words are chosen according to the intent. If you will not write these titles wisely, then you could face fragile daily traffic, no matter how strongly you have placed keywords in the title. It is therefore advised to write your meta titles smartly, so that they can get maximum clicks from the daily visitors.

For instance, if you are creating a meta title for an article written on informative speech topics, then make sure to write it with some sort of inspirational words. This technique will help to make your meta title more attractive, as well as better understandable for the search engine indexing bots.  

30 Power Words That Could Make Meta Titles Strong

It is important to know about those words that could make your meta titles unique among others. These words vary according to the nature of the page and the content defined in it. If you will master to pick them according to the intent of the page, then your meta titles will certainly grab a lot of attention from the visitors.

Here are some of the powerful words that you could use in the meta titles according to the given expression requirements.

Power Words for Showcasing Excitement

A lot of SEO professionals recommend to add a flare of excitement to the page titles. It offers various types of benefits, such as making the readers excited about the overall content. It is not a clickbait technique, but an organic method to drive genuine interest of people towards any page or web blog.

If you do not know what are these words and how they should be used, here are some examples given below. 

  1. First Ever
  2. Famous
  3. Bona Fide
  4. Elated
  5. Final
  6. Ignite
  7. Iron-clad
  8. Last Minute
  9. Extra
  10. Epic

Power Words for Showcasing Emotion

Emotional words in meta titles can be very useful in encouraging people to show interest in your content. A lot of time, this trick works well for those articles that define any type of solution to the people. These articles are centered around discussing the pain point and defining its core solution to the readers. Adding emotional words in these articles brings more value to the content, as well as the solution defined in it.

Here are some of the commonly used emotional words that could make your web copies and articles worth reading.

  1. Loveable
  2. Trusted
  3. Honest
  4. Never
  5. On-demand
  6. Pride
  7. Sacred
  8. Valor
  9. No Risk
  10. Fun-loving

Power Words for Showcasing Strength

It is also recommended to add those words in the meta titles that could showcase some sort of strength. These power words can add a bit of authority to your titles, encouraging people to show more interest in them. Some people think that these words could only be used in the headlines as they suit more on the upper positions. However, as per the current trends, you can also use them in the meta titles if they could be perfectly connected with the context of the content.

If you do not know which type of power words should be used to demonstrate this expression, take a look at some of the examples given below. 

  1. Solid
  2. Research-packed
  3. Energetic
  4. Fail-proof
  5. High Tech
  6. Huge
  7. Insane
  8. Proven
  9. Result-oriented
  10. Superb

Final Words

That takes us to the end of this article in which we have discussed different types of power words you could use in meta titles. These words are termed very important because they can allow your titles to look more catchy among others. It should be noted that these words should also be picked and used wisely according to the context of the page. You cannot just randomly place them in the meta titles, as it will totally look illogical to the readers. This should be done by knowing the right tone and content category that suits perfect with these power words, just like the examples that have been listed above. 

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