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10 Amazing Responsive Image Galleries

Responsive web design is no longer just a trend, it’s mandatory for any new website nowadays. Everything on a website must look perfectly no matter the device it is viewed from.

Menus, posts, image galleries, and every web element must be responsive in order to deliver a perfect user experience for your visitors.

For visually-oriented website designs, image galleries are frequently used to gather multiple images in one place. Making them responsive can be tricky, but fortunately, there are plenty of responsive image galleries you can use.

Let’s keep things simple and check out a few open source responsive image galleries that are available to use on your own projects.


Elastislide is a responsive jQuery carousel image viewer.  The rotating image carousel will adjust itself automatically to present itself attractively no matter what size of screen or screen resolution the viewer has.  The images will also resize themselves along with the width of the container that the carousel is in to ensure that all of each image is viewable across various screen sizes and resolutions.


Unoslider is a responsive image gallery that allows you to incorporate HTML-rich captions and allows you to have per-slide options.  The gallery is touch-enabled and mobile-optimized, making it a dream for people who are viewing your images from a mobile device.  There are over 40 transitions to choose from and 12 pre-built themes to use, which are easily customizable with CSS.


If you’re looking for a simple responsive slideshow, then ResponsiiveSlides.js is your answer!  Designers have the ability to choose between pagination and navigation controls, transition effects, randomization, HTML captions, and so much more.  It’s extremely lightweight, flyweight in fact, and won’t deliver a knockout punch when you implement it on your website.

jQuery Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin

jQuery Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin is more than just a long name, it’s an amazing solution for a responsive image gallery.  It functions like most simple image galleries with thumbnail navigation, but is responsive and breaks itself down elegantly.

Photo Swipe

Photo Swipe is a free image gallery developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that is specifically targeted for mobile devices.  This image gallery is compatible with the Apple mobile iOS operating system, Android-powered devices, and Blackberry mobile devices.  It’s easy to install, easier to use, and comes with a gaggle of configuration options so you can fine-tune it just the way you’d like to.

Responsive Image Gallery

Responsive Image Gallery is a phenomenal choice for a responsive image gallery.  Users have the choice of browsing photos with or without the thumbnail carousel, and if they’d prefer to use the thumbnails to navigate through the images or the next and previous buttons on the made slideshow area.

Seamless Responsive Photo Grid

Seamless Responsive Photo Grid is an interesting approach to displaying a lot of images on one page.  Images are displayed more like a collage than a replicated cookie-cutter image and thumbnail gallery all organized into one nice-looking array and labeled as a gallery.  This is a fun option for the occasional project that would allow something like this, works on all major browsers, and is ridiculously easy to incorporate into your own design.

Elastic Image Slideshow

Elastic Image Slideshow is a responsive image gallery with an unobtrusive thumbnail navigation option.  The thumbnails are small blocks of solid color making up the bottom border of the main image in their native state, but slide and fade into position once hovered over.  There is also an autoplay option for viewing the images if you’d like your viewers to enjoy a hands-free viewing experience.


Flexslider is another stunning example of a responsive image slider.  Not only is Flexslider supported in all major browsers, but it’s also programmed with hardware accelerated touch swipe support.  Add custom navigation options and the ability to place any kind of HTML elements your heart desires in the slides and you’ve got yourself a fluid image slider that you can customize to work seamlessly with any design.


Blueberry is a delicious image gallery slider that was written specifically for responsive web design.  It’s an experimental open-source jQuery plugin project that was originally launched in hopes of getting the designers of some of the more popular image sliders to think about making theirs responsive as well.  The fact that this slider is powered by jQuery means that blueberry should not only work on your Blackberry but your Apple as well.

About the author: with over ten years in the freelance web design and writing fields, Scott Stanton has had his finger on the beating pulse of the industry’s hottest design trends and bends for the past decade. Scott regularly writes for Wix.com the free website builder. Follow him on Twitter @TheScottStanton.

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