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Merchant Accounts and your website

June 8th, 2011 No comments

Imagine you’re shopping online, whether it’s for a product or some sort of service, and you finally find something that you think is worth your money. This process is always a bit trickier online than in person, because you can’t physically see the product you’re looking at, or you can’t meet the person you’re buying a service from; you usually take extra time to make sure you’re buying something worthwhile. You may even do some research on the side to see if other people have bought this same product or service, and whether or not it seems to have been satisfactory. Now, after all of this effort, imagine that you’re finally all ready to buy something, but the payment system on the web site you’re looking at is complicated or unclear. Maybe they want you to pay through a third party, or maybe they want you to send a check. Such payment options are not only more complicated, but can also be somewhat suspicious. This is why it’s so important for anyone setti
ng up a business related website to offer an easy way for customers to pay.

Companies such as Network Solutions seek to solve this problem and make the payment process easier on websites by offering an online merchant account option for those setting up new sites. Essentially, if you are setting up a website, or simply reorganizing one, a merchant account will allow you to enable people to pay with their credit cards right there on your site. This is not only a courteous option to offer your customers, but one that will likely reassure them that you represent a legitimate business or service. Perhaps best of all, statistics indicate that customers actually end up spending a significant percentage more if they can pay directly on a web site with their credit cards. Therefore, a merchant account option can not only win you customers, but can also help to persuade them to give you more business.

Online merchant accounts are just some of the many features companies like Network Solutions offer that can help you to make your web site more legitimate, more professional, and more effective. Particularly if you are offering some sort of service or product, it is very important to make your web site efficient and easy to use, so as to generate more sales. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for you and your potential customers; they get the service and easy payment methods they desire, and you get the business you work for.

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