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Fullscreen Slideshow Cover in Adobe Muse

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Muse For You - Fullscreen Slideshow Cover Widget - Featured

Add a Fullscreen Slideshow Cover to your Adobe Muse website. No coding skills required.

Let’s face it – images play a huge part of how we communicate on the web. Images can tell a story, showcase a product, or convey an emotion. High quality images can even show how much effort someone went through to communicate their idea. I have to admit I myself am a visual learner. If the images on a website do not captivate me within the first few seconds I go onto the next website.

This is why I decided to create the “Fullscreen Slideshow Cover Widget.” This widget puts all the focus on the images by making the slideshow cover the entire browser. The user is able to navigate through all the images before seeing any content on the website. This is a great way to really make an impact on what you are trying to communicate with images.

The Fullscreen Slideshow Cover is 100% width and height so the slideshow stays in the browser until the user scrolls. The slideshow is fully responsive and the images change size on different devices and when the user resizes the browser.

Example of the Fullscreen Slideshow Cover Widget

With the Fullscreen Slideshow Cover Widget you can:

  • Add a fullscreen slideshow cover that covers the entire browser before the user scrolls
  • Choose from 74 animations for the slideshow in and out animation
  • Add links to the images
  • Add an image or logo over the images
  • Add a color overlay over the images
  • Add a title and description over the images
  • Set the duration of each slide in the slideshow
  • Enable slideshow controls
  • Enable slideshow dot navigation
  • Autoplay slideshow

With all of these features you can easily customize the slideshow for your website. You can add a color overlay to match the styling of your website and describe each image with a title and description. All features are added to give you as much flexibility as possible. You can watch the video above titled “Fullscreen Slideshow Cover Widget” to see the widget in action and how to use it. To access the widget visit

Read More at Fullscreen Slideshow Cover in Adobe Muse

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30 Premium Responsive Shopify Themes

May 31st, 2016 No comments

We always keep you updated on new free and premium eCommerce templates that hit the market every now and again. Recently, we posted about the top 20 free responsive eCommerce templates, a compilation which consisted of products developed for the top eCommerce platforms (PrestaShop, Shopify, OpenCart, Magento, etc). Today, we would like to focus your attention on 30 of the top premium Shopify themes, which are really worth investing in to make your web store more prominent and powerful.

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce solution that is being used more and more by pro and beginner online merchants alike. Below we offer for your consideration 30 premium Shopify themes that hit the market just recently, but have already managed to generate high demand among users.

1. Brilliance

1-brilliance shopify theme

Demo | More info

This clean Shopify theme by TemplateMonster will become a rock-solid starting point for fashion and beauty related web stores. Its non-standard layout structure immediately captivates the attention of online shoppers. Thanks to white space, the theme looks spacious and easy to scan. Clear content hierarchy provides for more intuitive page browsing. Quick View and Elevate Product Zoom features have been integrated as well.

2. Time Craft

2-time-craft shopify theme

Demo | More info

Web stores selling accessories, gadgets and tools can use this Shopify theme to their benefit. Optimized to run flawlessly across a variety of devices, it is intended to provide the users with a seamless shopping experience across all browsers as well. In addition to the effective product presentation and stunning animation effects, the theme is also pre-loaded with a fully featured blog, which will help you keep your customers updated on the latest industry news. On top of that, the theme includes a newsletter pop-up form, which appears when a user reaches your site for the first time.

3. Ambiance

3-Ambiance shopify theme

Demo | More info

The Shopify theme is intended for online stores selling furniture and design items. Built with valid, semantic code, it features a minimalist design, which brings the users’ focus of attention to the products. The users can access any page of your site with a click, thanks to a sticky MegaMenu. Fully customizable, it can be enhanced with images, banners, videos, links, and other content. The theme is rich in quality photos, which provide a breathtaking presentation of the store’s items. Online shoppers will feel the ease of scanning your pages thanks to the grid-based content positioning.

4. JaneStyle

4-janestyle shopify theme

Demo | More info

Here is one of the most stylish Shopify themes on the list. Fashion and beauty sites will look smart and trendy when built with the help of this theme. Responsive and crossbrowser compatible, it is also fully customizable. A theme color switcher tool is added to make the process of picking the best color palette for your site quick and effortless. Navigation on the page has been made easy and intuitive. Product badges, live search and fixed-to-top MegaMenu have been added to make the process of reaching the desired items quicker and effortless.

5. Handbag Boutique

5-handbag-boutique shopify theme

Demo | More info

The clean style of this Shopify theme for fashion shops looks no less appealing. Built with the primary purpose of helping you to generate more sales online, it brings the products to the forefront. Cool hover animation and parallax scrolling effect make it even more captivating. Different content blocks are visually separated from one another, providing for better readability. The store’s items have been organized into a grid-based list. On top of that, many of them have been supplied with product badges, which are intended to help the users with the decision-making.

6. Gifts Online Store

6-gifts-online-store shopify theme

Demo | More info

This photo-rich theme is specifically created for gifts, toys, flowers and family web stores. The home page is spacious enough to share product banners and featured items. A sticky MegaMenu is intended to help the users with navigating the site. A live search functionality has also been added for that purpose. A theme color switcher will make it child’s play to manage the site’s color palette, while a feature rich dashboard will help you adjust the theme to meet your brand identity perfectly.

7. JS – Apparel

7-js-apparel shopify theme

Demo | More info

Those looking for a ready-made Shopify themes that can make their web stores different from their competitor’s, might consider this professionally crafted apparel store website theme. Its layout looks different from the rest of the themes on the list. The main navigation panel remains fixed to the left sidebar, providing the users with quick access to all pages of your site. Clean and minimalist design lets the users focus their attention on your products. Well-documented, the theme also includes a variety of custom page themes and modules, which are intended to help you with a quick start to your online project.

8. Electronics Retailer

8-electronics-retailer shopify theme

Demo | More info

Looking for Shopify themes with left sidebars? And what about Electronics Retailer? Web stores selling electronic devices and gadgets can benefit greatly from this theme. Its well-structured layout is enhanced with intuitive navigation options, which allow the users to reach the desired products effortlessly. Clear content categorization, product badges, Quick View option, impressive sliders and galleries – all these and a host of other smart features are integrated to help you create an impressive presentation of your store’s offerings on the web.

9. Woodwork

9-woodwork shopify theme

Demo | More info

This fully responsive Shopify theme will become a rock-solid starting point for a variety of business websites, especially industrial and agriculture. It comes with multi-currency support, providing your web audience with a plethora of payment methods. A newsletter pop-up, that appears when a user lands on your page, welcomes users to keep track of your updates while simply leaving their email address in the corresponding field. In terms of navigation, the theme is simple and intuitive thanks to the customizable sticky MegaMenu.

10. True T-shirts

10-true-tshirts shopify theme

Demo | More info

Apparel stores will look elegant and stylish when built with the help of this theme. Its minimalist design is spiced up with parallax scrolling images. Product banners and featured items are enhanced with the functional hover effect. Thanks to the carousel product gallery, you will be able to organize loads of content in a quick-to-scan manner on the front page. In addition, the featured products and MegaMenu are supplied with product badges, which are intended to help with faster decision-making.

11. Shoe Store

11-shoe-store shopify theme

Demo | More info

Do you like clean Shopify theme? Then take a look at Shoe Store. The theme will be a perfect fit for those users who are planning to focus their eCommerce sites on promoting several products in the best way possible. The front page of the theme is structured in an eye-catching manner. The shoes images are put front and centre. A video tour in the header serves as a great attention-grabber. Letting the users see your offers in action, it also entertains and fascinates them when browsing your site.

12. Literature Lovers

12-literature-lovers shopify theme

Demo | More info

The spacious design of this clean theme will work well for presenting your products in a grid-based list as well as highlighting the most recent blog updates in an easy-to-follow manner. The theme’s MegaMenu is sticky. Fully customizable, it provides you with the freedom to add images, banners and other kinds of content that will captivate the users’ attention and guide them through your site’s data.

13. Computer Store

13-computer-store shopify theme

Demo | More info

Looking so powerful and masculine, the theme will suit electronics stores the best. The design was built with attention to detail. Users won’t be distracted by any heavy theme elements. Instead, a carousel slider, category banners and featured products have all been organized in an easy to digest manner. By the way, featured products have been added to a carousel slider as well. In that way, you have the freedom to add as many items as you wish on the main page, without compromising the readability of your website.

14. Zhigan

14-zhigan shopify theme

Demo | More info

Do you prefer dark Shopify themes? Here is a nice option for you. The flat design of this theme features elements of vintage style, which make it look so luxurious and refined. When used out of the box, the theme could be a perfect fit for web stores selling men’s clothing, costly accessories and jewelry. Pre-loaded with niche-specific icons, the theme is very user-friendly. The top of the page, as well as right and left sidebars, has been enhanced with sticky navigation panels, providing shoppers with seamless access to all categories of your shop, shopping cart, live search, sitemap, etc. In addition to the well-designed structure of the main page, the theme also features a newsletter subscription form, which has been placed right above the footer.

15. Apparel

15-apparel shopify theme

Demo | More info

Apparel is a highly flexible and dynamic Shopify theme intended for fashion related web stores. Its clean layout is easy to navigate. The design was built with the focus on visuals. They are literally everywhere here – in the large hero area, banners, carousel slider of featured products, backgrounds, etc. For the users’ convenience, MegaMenu remains fixed to the top of the page, whilst the shopping cart, a user’s profile, live search and currencies are added to a sticky sidebar. The theme has been designed to adjust seamlessly to any device. SEO-friendly, it is intended to perform well in search engines.

16. Tools Store

16-tools-store shopify theme

Demo | More info

The theme puts a lot of focus on the products that are being promoted on the page. Bold, quality visuals are used for the purpose of a more effective presentation of each item. The users will be captivated with your hot offers on the home page. Cool hover effect and Quick View features allow online shoppers to take a closer look at your products without navigating to a separate page.

17. Stitcher

17-stitcher shopify theme

Demo | More info

The theme is best suited for sewing, hobby and craft shops. Optimized for all the major web browsers, the theme is also intended to run smoothly across desktop and handheld devices. With the purpose of providing the users with a better online experience, the theme has been integrated with such great elements as a sticky MegaMenu, an optional hamburger menu with currencies and checkout options, product badges, built-in Google map, newsletter subscription form, etc. The theme’s layout allows the users to find and navigate through the content from any device possible.

18. Sport Store

18-sport-store shopify theme

Demo | More info

The Metro style of the theme is a perfect fit for sport, travel and active lifestyle eCommerce sites. Integrated with the major social media platforms, the theme automatically frees you from the necessity of installing third-party social media components manually. When reaching such a design, users will be able to find the desired items intuitively. The sticky MegaMenu features clear content categorization, which significantly facilitates navigation. Just in case a user cannot find the right product right away, the Live Search option can come in handy.

19. Lingerie

19-lingerie shopify theme

Demo | More info

The Shopify theme looks seductive, which makes it a perfect fit for lingerie stores. The front page features a black-and-white full-width image only, which introduces the audience to the tenor of your website. At the top of the page, there is a bold banner integrated with a countdown option, drawing the users’ eye to the offers that will expire soon. A newsletter pop-up is also added. You can adjust its look and feel, as well as the rest of the theme’s settings via dashboard.

20. Simple Construction

20-Simple-Construction shopify theme

Demo | More info

Built with valid, semantic code, this Shopify theme for construction companies features customized modules that will help you greatly enhance your site’s performance. Alternative module layouts, custom page templates, Google web fonts, and multiple color options are also available, so you can manage the theme’s design and its functionality on your own. A package of layered PSD files is also included.

21. Baby Store

21-baby-store shopify theme

Demo | More info

The cheerful and optimistic design of this Shopify theme, with built in multiple colors, makes it the best choice for kids’ stores. With the theme’s main colored navigation panel and vivid CTAs, banners, bold photos and parallax backgrounds, every element of the theme is intended to create a positive atmosphere on the page. Ready to go live out of the box, the theme has been optimized for all types of devices and web browsers. SEO-friendly, it also includes a detailed documentation folder, providing you with step-by-step instructions on its customization.

22. Caviar

22-caviar shopify theme

Demo | More info

The theme was created to be managed effortlessly by users of all skill levels. The dashboard includes a host of customization options, which will help you tweak the template any way you wish. Both the design and functional filling can be adjusted to fit your brand perfectly. Pre-loaded with swiper slider, the theme also features a retina ready logo, which will look razor-sharp across all the latest-generation devices. A theme color switcher is also available, allowing you to manage the theme’s color scheme without reloading the page.

23. Coffee House

23-coffee-house shopify theme

Demo | More info

Here is one of the most beautiful Shopify themes on today’s list. The warm brownish layout of the theme is intended to bring a cozy, welcoming feel to cafe, bakery and other food and drink related web stores. Neat ghost elements perfectly complement the rest of the theme’s components. Card- and grid-based content positioning provide for better readability of the page. Combining texts with visuals, you can achieve a perfect content balance on the site, and keep the audience concentrated on the things that are of the greatest importance.

24. Spices

24-spices shopify theme

Demo | More info

This Shopify theme was designed with the latest eCommerce practices in mind. Easy-to-reach sticky menu, clear content hierarchy, lazy load effect, parallax scrolling images, featured products enhanced with functional hover effect, integrated newsletter subscription form and social media options – the template includes a host of options providing for a more enjoyable online experience.

25. Tea Shop

25-tea-shop shopify theme

Demo | More info

Built in natural colors, the theme perfectly fits online tea shops. Neat fonts and elegant icons make it look even more fresh and airy. The theme’s layout is spacious enough to help you set the right accents on the page. Thus, the users will be able to differentiate visually between the various types of content, navigate to the blog or shop sections, and simply look though the highlights about your company story.

26. Uniform Store

26-uniform-store shopify theme

Demo | More info

This niche specific Shopify theme has a powerful dashboard and a fully customizable layout, which can also be used for fashion, design, beauty and healthcare stores. In the header, a special offer banner featuring a countdown lures the users’ interest to your hottest deal. Online chat functionality invites the audience to contact you directly, and get professional assistance on any question. A Contact details section has also been provided for the purpose.

27. Wholesale Store

28-wholesale shopify theme

Demo | More info

The clean and concise design of this Shopify theme is intended to keep the users focused on your products. Beautiful animation effects spice up the layout, and add some interactivity to the theme. To make it more convenient for the audience to reach all of your site’s content in an instant, the categories menu has been organized in a left sidebar.

28. Auto Parts

27-auto-parts shopify theme

Demo | More info

Yellow is well-known as a great attention-getter. In this Shopify theme, it has been used to the fullest. Added to the logo, CTAs, headings and featured product images, it triggers the users’ curiosity and makes them click to discover more about your offerings. Though the template looks rather masculine and energetic due to its dark color palette, the clever use of white space conributes to a well-balanced color scheme.

29. Aquanati

29-aquanati shopify theme

Demo | More info

This responsive Shopify theme was tailored specifically for online shipping stores. Built with valid code and enhanced with advanced Bootstrap features, the theme ensures top-notch user experience across a variety of devices. Dynamic and highly flexible, the theme allows you to tweak literally any component of its design. A feature-rich dashboard and a set of custom-made templates should help you achieve that in no time.

30. Canyon

30-canyon shopify theme

Demo | More info

This is the last, but by no means the least, template on this list of Shopify themes. Best suited for extreme sportswear stores, it has a straightforward design. Compatible with all the major web browsers, the theme is also fully responsive. No matter how much and what kind of content you will share on the page, you may be certain that it will adjust to any device flawlessly. On top of that, the theme is packed full with a host of customization options, which will make web development child’s play.


This was our hand-picked compilation of 30 of the top Shopify themes for 2016. We did our best to pick themes that can be used for a variety of purposes and business niches. Do you think that we have missed any cool designs? Feel free to speak up below.

Read More at 30 Premium Responsive Shopify Themes

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Magento Vs LemonStand: Comparison between two eCommerce platforms

May 31st, 2016 No comments

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe. Thousands and millions of businesses are making the use of different online platforms to build a highly interactive and professional-looking eCommerce store. When it comes to the most innovative and contemporary eCommerce software, LemonStand is the first name that strikes to my mind. Although,

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Ways You Need To Tell The Browser How To Optimize

May 31st, 2016 No comments

In the past few years, there has been a number of front end features in which the performance onus has shifted from browser to developer. Rather than the presumed “browsers will get faster at running my code”, there is a little more “I need to change the way I code for browsers to get faster.”



allows an author to inform the UA ahead of time of what kinds of changes they are likely to make to an element. This allows the UA to optimize how they handle the element ahead of time, performing potentially-expensive work preparing for an animation before the animation actually begins.

In other words, in addition to using animations and transforms, tell the browser what you are going to change within those animations and transforms.

.element {
  will-change: transform;
.element:hover {
  transform: rotateY(180deg);

Sara Soueidan has a more in-depth article and we have an almanac reference.



The contain property allows an author to indicate that an element and its contents are, as much as possible, independent of the rest of the document tree. This allows user agents to utilize much stronger optimizations when rendering a page using contain properly, and allows authors to be confident that their page won’t accidentally fall into a slow code path due to an innocuous change.

In other words, if you know certain things about and element and its descendants, you should tell the browser so it can optimize around those things. For example… contain: size; – “This ensures that the containing element can be laid out without needing to examine its descendants.”


<section class='message'>
  Lol, check out this dog:
<section class='message'>
  I had a ham sandwich today. #goodtimes
<section class='message'>
  I have political opinions that you need to hear!
.message {
  contain: strict;

Michael Scharnagl recently wrote a post on this:

Much like an iframe, this boundary establishes a new layout root, ensuring that DOM changes in the sub-tree never trigger reflows in the parent document.

Responsive Images

Perhaps the most visible of these “you tell the browser what’s up” scenarios is responsive images, and particularly the sizes attribute.


The user agent will calculate the effective pixel density of each image from the specified w descriptors and the specified rendered size in the sizes attribute. It can then choose any of the given resources depending on the user’s screen’s pixel density, zoom level, and possibly other factors such as the user’s network conditions.

Here’s an example from the spec, where you’re giving the browser as much as you can to work with:

  sizes="(max-width: 30em) 100vw, (max-width: 50em) 50vw, calc(33vw - 100px)"
  srcset="swing-200.jpg 200w, swing-400.jpg 400w, swing-800.jpg 800w, swing-1600.jpg 1600w"
  alt="Kettlebell Swing"

Which says…

  • If the browser window is narrower than 30em, I’ll be displaying the image at 100vw wide.
  • If the browser window is between 30em and 50em, I’ll be displaying the image at 50vw wide.
  • Otherwise (if it’s even bigger), I’ll be displaying the image at calc(33vw - 100px) wide.

Which then needs to match up with what you actually do in the CSS. Hopefully it’s fairly accurate, so the browser optimizations match up with reality.

A Brave New World

I mention these things not because I think you need to run out and start using all this immediately. More to spotlight the (if I may) trend, in front end performance-related features in which the browsers ask more of authors.

I think the browser vendors and spec authors would say: “You want performance. There is only so much we can do. There are certain things we can’t know, but you do know. We’ll do our best without them, but if you tell us about them we can do much more.”

What say you?

Ways You Need To Tell The Browser How To Optimize is a post from CSS-Tricks

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Grab 25% off GraphicStock’s annual subscription

May 31st, 2016 No comments

If you’ve ever done any kind of design work, especially on the web, you’ll know that a great source of stock images is an essential component in your toolbox. Very few clients can afford all-bespoke photography; nearly all companies need to use stock images at some point. So it’s essential that as a designer you have a reliable source of quality stock images to offer your clients.

And once you use a stock site, you’ll find that downloading one good image quickly leads to downloading a second, then a third, and then more. Whether you’re using photographs, illustrations, or just icons, the cost of many stock sites quickly mounts up.

A great source of high-quality images, that won’t weigh heavily on your budget, is GraphicStock. GraphicStock runs a subscription model, which means you can download as many files as you like, without paying more than the low subscription fee.

It’s essential that as a designer you have a reliable source of quality stock images to offer your clients.

Once you sign up for a GraphicStock subscription, you’ll have instant access to the entire archive. You can download an unlimited number images per day, all royalty free, for personal and commercial projects. There are no hidden fees, the low subscription price is all you’ll ever pay.

Graphic Stock are so confident that you’ll love their service that they’ll allow you to cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you do decide to cancel, anything you’ve downloaded to date, is yours to keep, and use forever.

GraphicStock has a library of over 300,000 files, so you might think you’d struggle to find the perfect file, but they’ve introduced an advanced search feature that allows you to filter by orientation, and even by color. Further advanced search features allow you to find images with transparent backgrounds, or those that are supplied as a PSD, ensuring that the assets you download are easy to integrate with your project. What’s more GraphicStock’s library is divided into usable categories, like business, travel & transportation, and design elements. And when you’ve found a file you like, you can find complementary images by browsing based on the color palette of the file.

GraphicStock also provides project folders to keep your assets organized. You can create folders for different clients, along themes, to download later, and for any other breakdown. You can even share folders with clients or colleagues. It’s a great feature for making the most of your subscription.

With over 300,000 files at your disposal, if you download 10 files per day, every day of the year, you still won’t have exhausted the library until sometime around 2098—and of course, they’re still adding new files.

With art direction being one of the most in-demand skills on the web, and images helping designs stand out from the crowd, can you afford not to check it out?

For freelancers and design agencies, Graphic Stock is an amazing resource, because you never need to check the budget before downloading the image you need to finish up your design work; if you need it, just download it, without worrying about the extra fees, license options, and tie-ins that many other stock sites impose.

Whether you’re looking to illustrate a concept, tell a story, reinforce brand values, or just engage users, GraphicStock’s library gives you fast access to the assets you need. To experience GraphicStock for yourself sign up for a free seven day trial, during which you can download up to 20 images per day; that’s 140 premium stock images absolutely free.

To further sweeten the deal, GraphicStock are offering WebdesignerDepot readers 25% off their annual subscription. To take advantage of the offer, just click here.

If you’re looking for a source of high-quality images that won’t blow a hole in your wallet, you need to check out

[– This is a sponsored post on behalf of GraphicStock –]

Create Your Own Fonts in Minutes Right Inside lllustrator CC – only $24!


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Vanilla List

May 31st, 2016 No comments

Vanilla List is a repository of JavaScript libraries; datepickers, form validation and push notifications are just some of the libraries available if you can’t (or don’t want) to a library dependency.

Direct Link to ArticlePermalink

Vanilla List is a post from CSS-Tricks

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¡Arriba! Break Out Of The Box With SmashingConf Barcelona 2016

May 31st, 2016 No comments

You can’t be extraordinary in every project, but knowing how and when to break out of the box can go a long way. The upcoming SmashingConf Barcelona, taking place on October 25–26, will be packed with smart solutions ranging from front-end to visual design to UX — and a few delightful surprises along the way. To the early-bird-tickets ?.

SmashingConf Barcelona 2016

How do we avoid common traps in UX and front-end development? How do we break out of the predictable, generic, boxy layout? How do we solve complex problems more efficiently? With the second conference in magnificent Barcelona, we’ll explore practical techniques and design patterns from real projects.

The post ¡Arriba! Break Out Of The Box With SmashingConf Barcelona 2016 appeared first on Smashing Magazine.

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Best of 2016: 30 Tutorials for Photoshop Fans

May 31st, 2016 No comments

What do you need to acquire proper skills to create outstanding artworks? The answer is trivial – studying and staying tuned all the time. While there are traditional ways to gain knowledge in graphic design such as schools and universities, there is also an alternative option that perfectly blends into our fast-moving society. Maybe it is not so deep and profound, yet it is still practical and in some situations can bring more benefits than you may think. Online courses and tutorials are the leading representatives of this stream in the education system.

Created by real pros and devoted enthusiasts how-tos manage to offer seekers a helping hand on numerous issues. It is always a pleasure to read a piece of writing that gently and unobtrusively guides you through a routine of crafting something incredible step-by-step. On your path, you can discover interesting findings, get acquainted with some impressive tricks, broaden your knowledge and simply sharpen skills and with all this, achieve pretty remarkable outcomes.

Today we focus on Adobe Photoshop and its aficionados. The collection covers 30 masterpieces that you can reproduce at home just by carefully following the instructions. You will find thrilling text effects, incredible photo manipulations, fantasy scenes and surreal compositions.

30 Best Tutorials for Photoshop

Cutout Paper Style in Photoshop

Creator: Abduzeedo

Master Photoshop Layer Effects

master layers
Creator: James White

How These Amazing BAFTA 2016 Posters Were Drawn and Painted

bafta 2016 poster
Creator: Levente Szabo

How To Create a Suicide Squad Inspired 3D Text Effect

suicide squade inspired text effect
Creator: Chris Spooner

How to Create a Layered Floral Typography Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

floral text effect
Creator: Rose

Photo To Detailed Sketch With Photoshop

photo into sketch
Creator: photoshopessentials

Simple Break-Apart Rock Text Effect Creation In Photoshop

rock styles text effect
Creator: James Qu

Create a Fire Text Effect in Photoshop

fire text effect
Creator: Bunty Pundir

How to Create Glitch Art in Photoshop

glitch art
Creator: Bunty Pundir

Create a Fantasy Deer Photo Manipulation

gantazy deer scene
Creator: Bunty Pundir

Spaghetti Text Effect

spaghetti text effect
Creator: alfoart

Laboratory Glassware Letters | Realistic Text Effect

lab text effect
Creator: alfoart

Brain Text Effect | Realistic “Smart Idea” 3D Letters

brainy text effect
Creator: alfoart

Halloween Card | Creepy Skull with Pumpkin Brains Effect

halloween card
Creator: alfoart

Vintage Photo Effects – Create a 1940s and 1950s Film Noir Photo

vintage photos
Creator: Tigz Rice

Create an Awesome Underwater Scene Depicting a Dragon and a Treasure Hunter

fantazy underwater scene
Creator: Adrian Scheff

Create This Surreal Scene of Waterfall Mountains with Adobe Photoshop

surreal photo scene
Creator: Bunty Pundir

How To Create a Music Festival Poster Design in Photoshop

festival pster
Creator: Chris Spooner

How To Create a Grungy Star Wars Propaganda Poster in Photoshop

star wars poster
Creator: Chris Spooner

How to Create a Floral Portrait Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

floral portrait
Creator: Jenny Le

How to Create a Set of Zodiac Icons in Adobe Photoshop

zodiac iconsCreator: Yulia Sokolova

How To Create Rock 3D Text Effect With Flying Fire Sparks In Photoshop

rock 3d text
Creator: James Qu

Create Typography Using A Mixture Of Snow And Fire Elements In Photoshop

ancient text effect
Creator: James Qu

Create a Powerful Ancient Warrior Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

ancient warrior scene
Creator: James Qu

Photo To Color Pencil Sketch With Photoshop CC

photo into colorful sketch
Creator: Steve Patterson

How To Create a Realistic Pencil Sketch Effect in Photoshop

realistic pencil sketch
Creator: Chris Spooner

How To Create a Distorted VHS Effect in Photoshop

distorted photio
Creator: Chris Spooner

Create an Abstract Portrait

abstract portrait
Creator: Dek Wid

How to Make the X-Men Logo in Photoshop, 3D and 2D Versions

x-men logotype
Creator: Colin Smith

Blending Layers in Photoshop, Double Exposure Tutorial

blending layers
Creator: Colin Smith


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Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2016

May 31st, 2016 No comments

We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting and unique artwork, and as designers, we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one: desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd.

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2016

This creativity mission has been going on for eight years now, and we are very thankful to all designers who have contributed to it and who are still enthusiastically continuing to do so each month. This post features free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for June 2016. Both versions with and without a calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to give your desktop a makeover!

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The Best Books for Designers

May 30th, 2016 No comments
Designed for Use

Written by the most creative and innovative minds of our time, these 75 books are must reads for all designers. Get a glimpse into the world of design that you’ve never seen before with these eye-opening notions that will inspire you. Those that have read these books rant and rave about them.

“The author is a very incisive thinker, relaying stunning insight after stunning insight” – The Next 100 Years by George Friedman

“I learned lots more about color and its interaction. I had forgotten the physics of color and the perception of color from my college days” – Interaction of Color by Josef Albers

“Shaughnessy writes so clearly and with such honesty that I found it hard to put the book down.” –How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy

This collection of books for designers will not disappoint you. Skim through and find your next favorite source for inspiration. Keep your pencil sharp and your mind sharper!

The Vignelli Canon

“Beautiful imagery. Vignelli was one of the superstars
of Graphic Design and a big inspiration to me.”

Less But Better

by Dieter Rams

Less But Better “It’s a bargain for a design book this specialized.
Fascinating look at Rams’ design process and history.”

Grid Systems in Graphic Design

by Josef Müller-Brockmann

Grid Systems Raster System“This is a must for all designers. It is a deep dive into
understanding the grid system and typography and how
to use them effectively to solve mass information layout.
If you’re looking to understand the principles of good
design, it is a perfect.”

Interaction of Color

by Josef Albers

Interaction of color“I learned lots more about color and its interaction. I had
forgotten the physics of color and the perception of color
from my college days. This book brought most of it back
and added to my insight into color interaction.”

Visual History of an Airplane

by Jens Müller

Visual History of an Airplane

“Worth adding to your library if you are interested in
corporate design generally and in Lufthansa/aerospace
design concerns at least marginally.”

The Graphic Artist and His Design Problems

by Josef Müller-Brockman

The Graphic Artist and His Design Problems

“I bought a copy recently and it’s like returning
to an old friend”

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

by Edward R. Tufte

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

“As a graphic designer and a minimalist, I love the
way this book looks and I love the graphics Tufte’s team has created.”
team has created.”

The Art of Looking Sideways

by Alan Fletcher

The art of looking sideways“Difficult to tell you what this book actually says,
except that it’s author is a genius.”

The Laws of Simplicity

by John Maeda

The Laws of Simplicity“I found the laws themselves to be thought provoking;
my mind immediately engaged the task of relating the
laws to my own work.”

The Elements of Color

by Johannes Itten

The Elements of Color“It is not only enriching as a color theory document,
but it helps expand the artist or designers possibility
of using, arranging and conceiving color.”

The Design of Everyday Things

by Don Norman

The Design of Everyday Things“Finally, I got a chance to read this amazing book.
Don Norman treats design very methodically and shows
that good design is not a black box but something even
more analytical people can understand and apply.”


by Tokujin Yoshioka


“The book editors deserve an award for putting together
a beautiful looking book. Never heard of this guy until I
flipped through the book & was blown away…”

Change by Design

by Tim Brown

Change By Design“Highly recommend this short text, not only to the
artist, or engineer but to all concerned citizens who
hope to make a contribution to solving the problems
of their own life and those of a global society.”

Thinking, Fast and Slow

by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast and Slow

“Thinking Fast and Slow is a very valuable book by
one of the most creative minds in psychology”

The Monocle Guide to Better Living

by Andrew Tuck

The monocal guide to better living

“You won’t find this worldly view about business
and the business of people anywhere else.”

Living with Complexity

by Donald A. Norman

Living With Complexity“There’s so much to take away and ponder it’s
difficult to sum up. But one thing’s for sure, after
reading ‘Living With Complexity’ you’ll never look
at those salt and pepper shakers on a restaurant
table quite the same way again.”

The Paradox of Choice

by Barry Schwartz

The Paradox of Choice

“This is an eye-opening book — it brings the clarity
and insight into decision-making that The Tipping
Point did for trends.”

Paul Rand: Conversations with Students

by Michael Kroeger

Conversations with students

“A wonderful paperback essential for any Paul
Rand student. And by student, I mean one who
appreciates, admires, and learns from one of the
greatest designers of the 20th century.”

Creativity Inc.

by Ed Catmull

Creativity Inc

“With this book, Ed Catmull has given the world an
amazing gift. Much more than a book for managers,
it contains wisdom and stories that you will carry
into the rest of your life.”

The Geometry of Type

by Erik Spiekermann

The Geometry Type

“Great Book for reference, and learning the history
of Typefaces.”

Information is Beautiful

by David McCandless

INformation is beautiful

“There is a wonderful almost recursive aspect to
this work- the world we perceive is shaped by
`invisible’ streams of stuff that can be converted
to data and analyzed.”

Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson

Seve Jobs

“This is a gripping journey into the life of an amazing
individual. Despite its girth of nearly 600 pages, the
book zips along at a torrid pace.”

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

by Ronan Bouroullec

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

“I bought this for my husband and he loved it and
is frequently pulling it out for inspiration. The colors
and prints, page layouts, (everything!) – are all

Visual Grammar

by Christian Leborg

Visual Grammar

“This is a must-have for anyone studying design.
This book is as simple as a child’s, yet it successfully
relays concepts that I paid $7000 to learn over the
course of two semesters.”

Making Ideas Happen

by Scott Belsky

Making Ideas Happen

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. This
book helps you with the hard part.”

100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design

by Steven Heller

100 ideas that changed graphic design

“I use it when I’m in the middle of a project and
hit a brick wall. I thumb through this book, find
ideas I like, and either draw inspiration from the
given examples or research it more.”

Start With Why

by Simon Sinek

Start with Why

“Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” is a must read for
any entrepreneur or leader struggling to create a
long-term vision and guiding principles for their
company or cause.”

Naoto Fukasawa

by Bill Moggridge

Naota Fukasawa

“Really good book. Perfect balance between text
and images. Like reading his insights on the designs.”

Knowledge Is Beautiful

by David McCandless

Knowledge is beauty

“Book does what it says … Amazing amount of
work behind these infographics, there is
something in every visual that makes you think
and the beauty doesn’t detract from the
importance (or fun!). A work of art and passion.”

Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty

by David Kadavy

Design for Hackers

“Kadavy does a fantastic job taking the
complete design beginner through the
important parts of design. From a hacker’s
point of view, this book is brilliant, and exactly
what I needed.”

Graphics Standard Manual New York City Transit Authority

by Massimo Vignelli

New York City Transit Authority

“You will love it, it is everything you would expect.”

Elements of Design

by Gail Greet Hannah

Elements of Design

“This book provides a really good way of introducing
basic visual compositional theories to students,
especially for beginning students.”

Geometry of Design

by Kimberly Elam

Geometry of Design

“Very interesting for anyone who would like to
know more about graphic arts and why some
patterns and object relationships are appealing
and some are not.”

How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul

by Adrian Shaughnessy

How to be a graphic desinger without losing your soul

“Shaughnessy writes so clearly and with such
honesty that I found it hard to put the book down.”

Information Graphics

by Sandra Rendgen

information graphics

“This book’s a must have if you consider yourself
a graphic designer data freak”

Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice

by Armin Hofmann

Graphic Design Manual


A Designer’s Art

by Paul Rand

A Desingers Art

“The single greatest book on Graphic Design ever
written. This is not a tutorial or a how-to, but a why.”

Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture

by Casey Reas

Form and Code

“Form + Code is a wonderful glimpse of how
computation can be applied as art.”

Visual Miscellaneum

by David McCandless

The Visual Miscellaneum

“Seeing the author on TED, I was intrigued and
bought the book. Then I bought it two more times
to give as a present. Fantastic design, captivating
data, and a pithy humor all thrown together.”

The Next 100 Years

by George Friedman

The Next 100 years

“The author is a very incisive thinker, relaying stunning
insight after stunning insight in demonstrating how we
arrived at where we are now, with Europe having been
supplanted by America as the world’s focal point.”

Things That Make Us Smart

by Donald A. Norman

Things That Make Us Smart

“This book is easy to read – and should open most
people’s eyes a bit more…”

Designed for Use

by Lukas Mathis

Designed for Use

“A great overview over nearly everything that a UI
or UX Designer needs! to know”

Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things

by Don Norman

Emotional Design

“For me, the book was a perfect read. I am always
hunting and gathering for the meaning of art and
design, to push my own work forward, and to gain
an advantage over my competitors in terms of design.”

Glut: Mastering Information Through the Ages

by Alex Wright


“This book is easily the best book I have read in the
course of my research. The style is quick and engaging.”

The Power of Positive Thinking

by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive THinking

“It’s such a simple and effective concept, that positive
thinking creates a positive life, yet hard to do at times-
which is a good reason alone to read this book.”

D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself

by Ellen Lupton


“This is a terrific book for ideas all across the board!
I bought this book after flipping through it at a
friends and was excited to see so many hip and
unique ideas.”

Color: A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors

by Betty Edwards


“If you have had problems understanding just
what makes up a harmonious color palette, then
this book will help you solve that problem.”

I’m Feeling Lucky: Confessions of Google Employee # 59

by Douglas Edwards

Im Feelin Lucky

“This book is great! Doug is a fantastic writer and
a compelling story teller.”

Grid Systems: Principles of Organizing Type

by Kimberly Elam

Grid Systems

“The simplicity of presentation and clean design
continue to set Ms. Elam’s educational strategy
above the rest of the publications regarding the
use of compositional layout tools”

Becoming Steve Jobs

by Brent Schlender

Becoming Steve Jobs

“This is the best book I’ve read about Steve Jobs.”

Visual and Statistical Thinking

by Edward R. Tufte

visual and Statistical thinking

“I found myself slowing down my usual reading
speed to half and doubling my concentration to
follow him, which is a compliment to the depth of
his writing.”

Paul Rand

by Steven Heller

Rand Paul

“This is a pretty thorough book on a graphic
design icon. Lots of full-color samples of Rand’s
work to coincide with the text, which is nice.”

Philographics: Big Ideas in Simple Shapes

by Genis Carreras


“Remarkable visual eloquence in his Philographics project.”

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

by Nir Eyal

“Hooked presents an empowering perspective
that allows us to start looking at building technology
as building habits.”

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

by Peter Thiel


This book delivers completely new and refreshing
ideas on how to create value in the world.”

Business Adventures

by John Brooks

bussiness adventures

“This book casts a wide net over the USAmerican
business and investing scene, always with the width
and insight.”

Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

by Klaus Klemp

Less and More

“Very detailed account of modern German
design and Dieter Rams. The definitive book
on Dieter Rams.”

Sketching User Experiences

by Bill Buxton

Sketching User Experiences

“This is a book that I will read many times. I think
this book will be helpful for many years to come.”

Remote: Office Not Required

by Jason Fried


“What you’ll find in Remote is profound advice from
guys who’ve succeeded in the virtual workforce arena.”

Startup Communities

by Brad Feld

Startup Communities

“I think this is very helpful and practical book for
entrepreneurs, government officials, university
leaders, and other entrepreneurial-related fields.”

Startup Life

by Brad Feld

Startup Life

“If I could go back in time and hand this book to my
younger self, it might have saved us much angst.”

Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age

by Paul Graham

Hackers and Painters

“Paul Graham has delivered final proof that he is a
marvelous essayist with his volume of fairly diverse

Buzzmarketing: Get People to Talk About Your Stuff

by Mark Hughes


“If money is tight and everything to lose, time spent
studying this well-written book could place you and
your product in the forefront of your target buyer’s


by Nicholas A. Christakis


“An entertaining guide to the mechanics and
the importance of human networking.”

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

by Shunryu Suzuki

Zen Mind

“This is a collection of talks by one of the first Zen
teachers in the U.S. If you’re already practicing Zen,
I highly recommend this book”

TM: The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Logos

by Mark Sinclair


“If you are interested in logo design, whether or not
you are a designer, chances are that you would want
to get this new book.”

Thinking with Type

by Ellen Lupton

Thinking with type

“This book is an excellent resource for anyone who
is serious about a graphic layout. It is not a type book;
it does not review fonts individually. Rather, it
considers type as a visual element.”

Logo Modernism

by Jens Müller

Logo Modernism

“The quality of the work contained in this book is
simply humbling, this is a great piece for everyone
interested in design, from students to seasoned

Designing Brand Identity

by Alina Wheeler

Designing brand identity

“As a designer, I’ve had difficulty for years finding a
book that really spoke to me about Identity and
Branding. This book is the perfect solution to the

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

by Ashlee Vance

Elon Musk

“Exhaustively reported . . . this work will likely serve
as the definitive account of a man whom so far
we’ve seen mostly through caricature.”

The Best American Infographics 2014

by Gareth Cook

The Best Amerian infographs

“You’ll come away with more than your share of…
mind-bending moments – and a wide-ranging view
of what infographics can do.”

Patterns of the Universe

by Alex Bellos

Patterns of the univers

“Dazzling and calming at the same time.
I’d highly recommend for yourself or as
a gift. So cleverly, artistically, and
creatively done”

Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction

by Philip E. Tetlock


“Superforecasting is the most important scientific study I’ve ever read on prediction
study I’ve ever read on prediction.”

Work Rules!

by Laszlo Bock


“I really like this book because it helps explain why
I felt connected to some companies versus others
regardless of the company size, team dynamic,
or manager style.”
Did you see anything you like? Is there a book we left out? Let us know, and happy readings!

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