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20+ Free HTML/CSS, PSD and GUI Templates from November 2014

November 27th, 2014 No comments

Christmas is around the corner. In fact this roundup here is the last we’ll publish before the most important holiday season of the year. Are you already calming down, approaching the lazy days or are you under high pressure with each and every customer knocking, nagging and biting like a barn fly. If you’re a victim of the latter, the least thing you should use now are shitty templates that leave you with more work instead of less. We have the perfect list of resources for you. All of which are lightweight (not to be mixed with poorly created), with some of them including smart objects for you to include your logo or app design within a beautiful frame, and all of them being vector files. Sounds good? We bet it does…

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November 2014: 22 Free WordPress Themes for (almost) All Needs

November 26th, 2014 No comments

Bloggers, magazines, content creators, and freelancers are usually having a hard time finding themes to showcase their thoughts, news, articles and products. And even though there are lots of options with WordPress to do this, many of them are poorly designed and do not have the features a content creator needs. Many of the themes featured in the following article include plugins, frameworks, engines, fonts, icons, e-commerce capabilities, multilanguage, retina support and many more additions that improve the experience of the user while using it, and allows the content creator to take advantage of the combined power of these tools.

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Time to Relaunch: Win PSD2HTML Services Worth 500 Dollars (Giveaway)

November 25th, 2014 No comments

If you’re into web design, you’ve most likely heard of PSD2HTML more than once. Back in 2005, they were the first team of this kind, providing design to HTML/CSS conversion services. Today they are still the industry lead with their massive staff capacity and high customer demand. Alongside an infographic with five fun facts about the company, we have a total value of 500 Dollars in services to give away. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to save time and sanity and get your site professionally developed with no hassle. Read on for the details.

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25 Free Hero Images and Mock-ups: The First Impression Counts

November 24th, 2014 No comments

The use of giant, so-called Hero images is a trend of the younger years. Some say it was Apple who brought it forth, some say gigantic images have been there forever, but couldn’t be used due to poor bandwidths. The latter is becoming less and less of a problem, so why not start using hero imagery today? It will make for a solid first impression and be kept remembered. So if your brand or product fits the use of giant imagery, you should give it a try. Today we have put together 25 free hero image mock-ups from around the web. Some add extra PSD layers to the canvas; others are plain great photos. Everything is tied together through coloring, logotype or some specific decorative elements. Here is what we compiled for you…

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Double Tap, Check, Swipe: 25 Free Gesture Icons Packs for Your Mobile App

November 21st, 2014 No comments

Finally, you are ready to put a new mobile app on the market. Surely you expect it to take the audience by storm. As we all know, people buy not only the product but also its packaging. So without a well-thought-out presentation, chances are, it simply won’t do. Presentations of old won’t do either, neither will lengthy feature lists or plain screenshots. Why not jump on an upcoming trend? Present your new app in a vibrant, lively way by showing someone actually use it. This can be done with GIF or HTML5, where GIF seems to be the preferred path these days. We have compiled a set of 25 free gesture icons packs in different formats, such as vectors, sketches, PSDs and more to help you get that presentation straight. Furthermore the GIFs you are about to create are very useful in tutorials too. You should definitely give it a try…

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Pay What You Want for Thousands of Premium Resources in InkyDeals’ Creative Bundle

November 20th, 2014 No comments

This is a dream come true. All of you know Paddle and their great bundle offers. And all of you know InkyDeals and their insane bundle offers. Now these two have partnered to bring you the ultimate great AND insane bundle offer. They’ve put together 13 of their best selling deals worth 6,714 dollars and let YOU name the price…

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Homepage Builder Squarespace 7: The Revolution Will Be Televised

November 19th, 2014 No comments

Squarespace is one of the leading brands in the online website design business. They don’t solely aim at end customers but also target designers, developers and their agencies. Squarespace is not a newcomer, but more a veteran in its field. With the experience of ten years of online site design behind them, they have now come up with their most radical innovation ever: Squarespace 7 is a completely new user interface atop the underlying powerful content management system. And it is safe to say that this new interface is able to redefine the way websites are built online.

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900dpi: Hey Designer, Add a CMS to Any Website Easily!

November 18th, 2014 No comments

Designers like lots of things, but first and foremost they like their freedom to design whatever they want in whichever way they see fit. That’s one of the reasons why homepage builders are not an option in most cases. They all limit in one way or another, though their compromises tend to get better and better. If you are more the traditional designer type, or are coding in Sublime or Coda or another tool of your choice, you’ll definitely have missed CMS functionality more than once. Before you think about putting your design on top of a full-fledged CMS, take a look at 900dpi, a fresh and innovative service created by a small, enthusiastic team from the United States.

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Retro Textpress for Illustrator: 20 Great Retro Text Effects Bargained Away

November 18th, 2014 No comments

You know and (most likely) love the concept of one-click purchasing. This is a convenient way of buying something, isn’t it? Imagine the same principle ported to design work. One click and your plain text layout looks great. This is exactly what today’s Deal of the Week will bring you. Apply a plethora of retro text effects to even the most common (and boring) fonts and see the magic happen.

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Deal of the Week: The Colossal Vintage Design Bundle Discounted 94 Percent

November 12th, 2014 No comments

If size matters, this Deal of the Week matters a lot. It represents an amazing bundle of bundles containing more than two GB of vintage design goodies in one incredible deal. The Colossal Vintage Design Bundle brings you an arsenal of vintage design elements including fonts, retro patterns, vintage monograms and letters, art deco frames, antique book covers, postcards, business cards, flourishes and much more. The price is vintage, too. Tell your grandma, she might remember the good old days…

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