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`aspect-ratio` is going to deprecate FitVids

Jen was just tweetin’ about how the latest Safari Technical Preview has aspect-ratio. Looks like Chrome and Firefox both have it behind a flag, so with Safari joining the party, we’ll all have it soon.

I played with it a while back. It’s awesome and much needed. There are ways to make `aspect-ratio` boxes, but they largely revolve around “padding hacks.”

Dave is excited about being released from jail:

Yesssss! Soon I will be released from my Open Source prison!

Seeing it working in Edge Dev 89 (M1) as well. https://t.co/bSKrWEPQyE

— Dave Rupert (@davatron5000) January 7, 2021

Once we can rely on it, FitVids (which I use on literally every site I make in one form or another) can entirely go away in favor of a handful of CSS applied directly to the elements (usually videos-in-s).

FitVids 2021:

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