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8 Typography Design Trends for 2021 – [Infographic]

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Marketing employs a wide range of design tactics to catch customer’s eyes, resonate, and leave a lasting impression.

A marketer’s goal is conversion and they use every means possible to make that happen. Did you know that an incredibly powerful conversion design aspect lies in the art of typography? From serif to sans serif fonts, kerning, and size variations, the way your words appear dramatically changes the power of your message.

Typography can propel a message forward and engage your audience. Maybe your type is hidden behind images pulling your audience in to decipher the full meaning. Or, perhaps you use a thick, bolded font to add weight to a certain element of a message. Transforming font is a creative power just as important as any other design aspect.

So whether you use free and public domain fonts or splurge on designing an explosive and powerful new design, keeping in mind the latest trends can help make sure you stand out.

The Word Counter team has just released their predictions for the typography design trends that will stand out in 2021. Check out this collection of 8 Typography Design Trends for 2021 that have seamlessly evolved traditional font styles into stunning modern types.

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