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2022 Trends to Watch in Wide-Format Printing

The year 2021 was a difficult one for the print industry. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, market demand for traditional print applications has decreased. Other applications like labeling, light packaging, and wide format have grown in popularity. Businesses that were quick enough to pivot into new markets saw rapid development.

The sector, on the other hand, is displaying strong signs of economic revival. The year 2022 is expected to be significantly better. We anticipate that there will be several chances for print enterprises to diversify and increase their offerings. Those who do will play a larger part in the success of Trends to Watch in Wide-Format Printing for 2022 as rising trends.

As the new year begins, we take a look at some of the hot themes we expect to see this year. So, what might we expect in 2022? Let’s take a closer look:

The market continues to be dominated by sustainability efforts.

Manufacturers are investing more in developing truly sustainable solutions, rather than merely appearing green. Consumers request that PSPs supply alternatives, such as recyclable materials and media produced from recycled water bottles, even if the cost is higher.

Manufacturers are developing ground-breaking solutions, like the Elements Andes Recycled Satin Canvas SUV, to get eco-friendly applications into the hands of consumers. Other businesses are working to increase their already stringent sustainability criteria. HP was named to the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World ranking for the sixth time in a row earlier this year.

As more businesses implement eco-goals before the end of the decade, it appears that the sustainability movement will continue for some time.

Personalization has been enhanced.

With the opportunity to personalize everything from mugs to hats to reusable shopping bags, printing is already a personalized service. People are looking to personalize their at-home workspaces as they continue to work from home or split their time between home and the office.

According to CraftJack.com, 41 percent of those who work from home have purchased art and décor or printed photographs to improve their backgrounds, with an average purchase price of $195.

Consumers are seeking ways to create a professional workstation out of their homes, whether by requesting bespoke backdrops, putting wall graphics, or adding unique wall décor.

Election Signage Is Necessary During an Election Year

An election requires more temporary signs than any other event. The campaign season offers a plethora of applications that might keep commercial printers and print service providers busy through November, ranging from the yard and large commercial signs to bumper stickers and direct mailers. Begin making plans for the approaching election season as soon as possible. 


The word “pivot” was one of the most overused in 2020, yet it was overused for a purpose. When businesses began to close, many companies and workers were forced to pivot, and in-person activities and going into the office were replaced by virtual trade displays and working from home.

PSPs who diversify into other print-related industries see continuous growth, success, and client loyalty. It has never been more important to learn new talents and diversify one’s portfolio.

Purchasing New Equipment

Spending money on new equipment is one of the most difficult decisions a business owner must make. However, with recent color trends, booming sustainability interest, a growth in larger customized projects, and diverse portfolios on the horizon for 2022, purchasing new equipment may not be such a difficult option after all.

Features of Wide-Format Printing:

Wide Format Printing has numerous features as it is rapidly increasing its popularity due to its feature and functions. Let’s discuss web2print solution and its features:

Key Features

Highlights of the wide-format printing web to print software solution that includes a variety of key features. Wide-format printing needs the special web to print features and here’s the list for you:

  • Multi-store Setup with Centralized Administration
  • Readymade Templates with Custom Height & Width
  • Quotation Workflow
  • Offer Products in any Shape and Sizes
  • Options based Pricing
  • Complete Support for B2B Customers
  • Inherent Artwork Approval Workflow
  • Color Management

Detailed Features of wide-format Printing

Printing technologies grow in lockstep with technological advancements. Previously, wide-scale printing was uncommon due to high wait times, inefficient costs, and a scarcity of resources.

With their speedy turnaround times and available printing materials, these sorts of printers now offer a cost-effective printing web2print solution to organizations, which is why large-scale printing is becoming more common in every office environment, regardless of size.

Wide-format printing, also known as large-format and grand-format printing, is used for printing projects that require a greater size than the standard 8.5 inches by 11 inches; some of these printers can even print up to 18 inches by 100 inches and are known as plotters.

Originally, pens inside the printer were used to produce the design on the paper or vinyl. This was the kind of old-school technology that wasn’t cheap and required a long time to complete. There are now inkjet and laser wide format printers available that can complete the work swiftly and efficiently. Nowadays, there are many banner design software available that helps in creating banners or other things to print and customize.

Technology advancements have also enhanced the environmental quality of these printers; the ink available is getting more environmentally friendly with each technological advancement. It also comes with readymade Templates with Custom Height & Width.

Wide-format printing is classified into two types: printer-only and multi-function. The goal of a wide format printer only is to print whatever files are provided to it through a computer or USB drive. The other type, multifunction wide format printers, have a scanner on top or to the side of the printer.

Multi-purpose wide-format printers with a scanner mounted to the top are often smaller than those with a standalone scanner. The size of your office and the purpose of the printer should determine which type of printer is appropriate for your company.

Print job automation is a simple and convenient approach to avoid waste, cut expenses, free up office space, and save time. A web to print software, such as print MIS, provides workflow improvements and automatic alerting for routine repairs and maintenance, preventing unexpected turnaround time and improving customer experience.

Businesses with wide format printers have more freedom when it comes to getting exactly what they want because these printers offer greater diversity in the sort of printing job and how it’s done. It gives complete Support for B2B Customers as it is more reliable. A wide format printer, whether it’s a promotional poster or a giant banner design, gives users the ability to manage the final product aesthetic without relying on a third party.


As with the advancement in printing technology in recent years wide printers have come on a large scale. They have gained much popularity due to their functions. There are numerous options and advantages to wide format printing. With so many alternatives, businesses are able to print whatever they need, such as giant maps, blueprints, posters, or large adverts. Wide-format printing is the solution for your “bigger” projects, whether for your workplace or a client.

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