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Why Should You Believe In Super Apps? Extended Up to Future Growth Insights

Many brands provide all the primary app-based services in a single solution. At the same time, it makes it straightforward for users to book hotels, ride-hailing services, food ordering, and more. Gojek is one of the most suitable examples of a super app that has achieved great success in lots of regions and catered to the needs of millions of customers. 

Super app is more than just a mobility solution; it is developed into modular micro-apps that users can use to get all their work done right under one umbrella. Today most businesses are turning online, but smartphone users don’t have enough space and time to download multiple apps to get their day-to-day tasks completed. They are searching for a single app that helps them get multiple service booking options right under one roof, and the super app is the best option for the same. 

On-demand Services Market Growth and Future Insight

Grab and Gojek’s Q1 market share report shows that the super app Gojek covers almost 25% of the share in ride-hailing in Indonesia while it covers 17% of the market in Singapore. The multi-service providers have gained huge popularity among users as more and more customers these days are preferring for convenient options to get all their needs satisfied. 

More than 60% of males and 38% of females use Gojek globally, and the largest age group of visitors is between 18 to 24-year-olds, according to Similar Web analysis. They are more likely to use desktop apps to book taxis, order food, make payments, and perform various activities right from one place. 

Source: similiarweb.com

Gojek secured around 1.3 billion in the first close of pre-IPO fundraising and had planned further investment in its ecosystem to strengthen its market position in the area and better serve customers. The multi-service platform is planning to provide its service to around 300 million tech-savvy population. 

Why is an All-in-One Solution Profitable for Your Business?

The economy is suffering a significant slowdown amid extended trade disputes and policy uncertainties. However, the pandemic spread has also affected various business operations, including taxi-hailing, logistics & transportation, and more. 

Experts of McKinsey believe that more than sixty trillion in annual revenue can be redistributed across the economy, which is almost one-third of the year’s total. Experts also predict that the economy is growing steadily as more enterprises are shifting to a mobile-first approach to satisfy the growing market demands. Since the concept of the super app was introduced, it has transformed the way customers and businesses get connected with each other. 

It has made their work faster and easier, as business owners can list all their services and track all activities from one place, while it also makes it easier for customers to eliminate the need to download multiple apps to get all their tasks completed efficiently. 

Due to changing customers’ preferences and the growing market, it is advisable for you to invest in a Gojek like multi-service app that consists of all essential features and modules, helping you build a strong presence in today’s competitive market. It provides you with lots of perks like: 

  • Helps to secure big chunk;
  • Collect and secure user data;
  • Makes tasks effortless and faster for you as well as your customers;
  • Attract new customers and helps retain existing one;
  • Have a deep insight into business activities and revenue generation;
  • Great insight can help to make better decisions.  

There are a lot more you can get with super app development; hence it wouldn’t be unfair to say that an all-in-one solution is profitable for brands to invest in. So why not take the support of a multi-service app development company to get Gojek-like super apps deployed within your budget and start a successful venture online. Launching an on-demand multi-service business is undoubtedly a profit-making decision that helps you unbox the path to success. 

Pandemic Boosted Super App Usage in Emerging Markets: Explore How?

Gojek engineers describe the multi-service platform as a bundle of apps that makes people’s life much easier and faster by connecting them with on-demand service providers. With quick access to the internet, most delivery brands were able to leapfrog the methods of the Western approach and invested in on-demand apps that help them provide multiple services with one platform and help users to eliminate the need to download hundreds of apps. 

The ride-hailing revenue market share of Gojek in 2022 reached around 42% in just Indonesia. The company has partnered with millions of brands to satisfy the growing needs of their targeted audience for food, grocery, taxi, and other services as well. However, the platform has made it easier for customers to find solutions to all their problems right under one umbrella. 

Super Apps Success: Top Reasons That Explains Everything

State of mobile 2021 report by Data.ai, in today’s competitive market, offering only one service with an app isn’t enough; you need to focus on providing more than one service to make your mobile app stand out from others and leverage a competitive edge. It also shows that there is almost 8% of growth in mobile app downloads year-on-year, jumping more than two hundred million since 2021. 

There are many more reasons and benefits for becoming a super app. To identify super apps’ success, we have listed the top reasons that explain why shifting to the approach is a better option for you. 

Mobile Experience

Smartphone users worldwide surpassed more than six million in recent years. Most individuals are likely to use their smartphone to use your branded solution rather than using it on their desktops. However, in most cases, their smart device doesn’t have enough storage, which leads them to uninstall a few of the apps immediately after their usage. 

Source: statista.com

For example, if they download the Dominos app, they prefer to uninstall it once they get done with their work (ordering pizza and getting it delivered). But it’s not the case with a super app as they can get multi-service needs satisfied from a one-stop solution. 

Homogeneous Markets

Most nations have an ordinary civilization; this greatly influences the uniformity of the market. This encouraged various enterprises to start simpler ventures and provide their brand service to customers on their demand. 

Hence when super apps like Gojek, Grab, and others were introduced, they created a huge buzz and grabbed success more instantly than our imagination. Therefore starting an online business with a similar idea and providing multiple services with one app can help you enjoy the perk of success.  

Unbanked Population

More than two million global population comes under the unbanked population, while the rest love it when they are offered options like online payment or other multi-service payment gateways. However, most super apps provide them with multiple payment options, including COD, credit/debit card payment, and more, making them more popular among tech-savvy customers. 

Administration Support

The administration is seeing practices that help them connect with citizens digitally; hence they are supporting the concept of the super app. For example, there are millions of public services that you can enjoy on super apps. Thus if you are thinking of launching your own super app, there is a great chance that you will get government support, making it easier for you to provide various public services like Wechat with ease. 

The Future of Super Apps is Bright: Isn’t it?

Undoubtedly super apps have a bright future ahead as people don’t have time to download multiple apps to get their day-to-day tasks completed; instead, they are looking for one which provides the solutions to all their problems. However, most business giants are looking forward to joining the race of super apps, so why should you be left behind. Get tech support and start offering a diverse range of services to your customers to stay ahead of their minds all the time.

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