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4 Ways to Recruit for Your Team’s Most Niche Roles

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Every business is unique. And because of this, every team is unique too. Within your own company, you may very well have various team structures, staffing protocols, and managing principles. This makes sense, as different roles and responsibilities have different needs from an organizational point of view. 

Like it or not, there is no cookie cutter method for recruiting and staffing the best team. It takes work and can be a constantly evolving process. Recruiting in itself is a challenging task, particularly now during the era of The Great Resignation. More and more employees are rightfully asking for very specific accommodations. They want to work for companies that value them first as human beings and second as dedicated employees. 

With all this in mind, recruiting specific talent for your team isn’t easy. Certain roles like content creators and marketing managers may be more readily recruitable. On the other hand, roles like front end developers and designers can be more tricky to find. If you’re in this sticky position of hiring individuals for more niche titles, keep reading. Below are four ways to recruit specific talent for your team’s most niche roles. 

1. Ask for Assistance

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. It’s also important to ask far and wide. First, ask the hiring manager what they think is the best way to find the potential new employee. They may have experience in finding these types of recruits from previous roles. The hiring manager may also have a network to tap into that could be useful for your hiring team. 

Second, lean on resources for your specific needs. Engineering staffing agencies, for instance, can assist in finding top engineering talent based on their diverse pool of individuals looking for jobs. These types of agencies can help HR teams and hiring managers find the perfect match. This can be beneficial for startups, who may not have the namesake yet, to be found by interested employees. Well known companies also stand to benefit as staffing agencies are also a great resource for HR teams who need to hire multiple individuals within the same field. 

2. Tap into Social Media

One of the first places someone turns to when they are seeking a new job opportunity is social media. They want to see what types of positions are available and what kinds of benefits are being offered. Your recruiters should be on social media, particularly sites like LinkedIn, posting about new offerings weekly. Creating this kind of buzz online ensures that your company is putting the word out that you are hiring. 

In addition to sites like LinkedIn, it’s also important to post job offerings on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. Word of mouth is another key aspect of hiring, and someone who sees a niche role may share it with one of their friends or family members. Again, it’s all about creating awareness. If you don’t share publicly that you are hiring for these niche roles, nobody will know that you are in need of a full stack developer, for example. 

3. Offer an Employee Referral Incentive 

Your current employees likely know the top talent. Many have had prior experiences before coming to work at your company. And with these experiences, they have likely met some incredible people that may be great matches for your company. In order to get these referrals, it can be beneficial to offer an employee referral incentive. These types of incentives can be a reason for employees to share about open positions on their own social channels too. 

The key to creating this incentive is to make it as easy as possible for referrals to happen. Luckily, there are several software platforms and tools that can help streamline this process. Let you employees know what the incentive is, whether it is an added bonus to their paycheck or extra vacation days. Also, overly communicate with your employees when a niche position is available. You may even think about upping the incentive for filling more challenging roles — an extra incentive is always going to be welcome!  

4. Look Internally

Yes, certain niche roles like those in the designer field or engineering world require a specific set of skills. But perhaps you have a new role for a “never-been-done-before” position. In these cases, it’s not a bad idea to look internally. Your current employees know the most about the company, including how to navigate current processes and set up new ones. They understand what’s expected from the team and the company’s overarching goals and values. 

If you decide to look internally, be sure to still follow a proper interview process. You likely will also want to have external candidates to interview along with internal ones. This can help the hiring team compare and contrast the necessary skills. There are always benefits to hiring internally, mainly that it can lead to a quicker transition process and more dedicated staff. Your employees as a whole may be more dedicated to work for a company where internal shifts are not only possible but valued. 


Hiring is not an easy process. Again, it takes time to find true talent. For niche roles, it can take a lot longer to find someone that can do the job well and wants to work for your company. Don’t give up just because it takes longer than usual. The right individual is out there; it’s just a matter of finding them! 

By utilizing these tips, recruiters will have a better chance of finding the best possible employee as quickly as possible. Having a plan and leaning on different resources, including current employees, are helpful tactics to utilize. Also, know that other companies are in the same boat. Speak with other company and industry leaders to get a sense of how they are recruiting. Because at the end of the day, the more people that know you are hiring the better chances you have of finding your dream candidate.

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