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How To Make A Presentation Video Stand Out

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People adore watching videos. A study claims that videos engage viewers 75% more than papers, articles, and other simple media. This is the reason an increasing number of businesses are using them for their operations. 

A video presentation is one of the most often used presentation formats. In this post, we’ll define video presentations, discuss their applications, and provide some tips and tricks to work with them.

Here’s what a video presentation is

A video presentation is a typical kind of multimedia material with a runtime of a few seconds to a few minutes. It uses compelling visual imagery, brief text, and suitable narration to demonstrate the advantages of a service, product, or concept. 

There are several formats available for video presentations. They may be PowerPoint slides with a talking head narration, fully animated explainer videos, cartoons, invitation videos, screencasts, tutorials, video advertising, promo videos, marketing videos, product demonstrations, etc. In the end, you decide on the format.

The purpose of a Video Presentation

Video presentations are not only more attractive than straight information, but they are also:


Video presentations are better equipped to convince their target audience through audio-visual design, narrative, and incorporating emotions, ideas, and noises into the mix.

Better for retaining knowledge

According to reports, people recall 95% of a message when presented in a video as opposed to 10% when presented in the text. As a result, educators often employ video presentations while introducing new instructional materials or as part of the digital storytelling idea. 

Everywhere and at any time accessible

People prefer to explore movies on their phones and tablets, where they like spending a lot of time. We discovered that 75% of all videos are seen on tablets and mobile devices. Hence video presentation is an efficient way to grab mass audiences’ attention and time.

Efficient with time

The purpose of video presentations is to allow the creator to divide the information into manageable, more digestible portions. This makes it faster and simpler for visitors to discover more information.

Essential tips for working with Video Presentations

Tell uplifting tales

Your video material should always have a purpose. Creating a story for your films may foster a genuine relationship with your viewers. An in-depth discussion of your topic should be included in it. It ought to demonstrate your subject-matter knowledge. 

Creating a clear video that utilizes your subject expertise will greatly benefit your viewers. Only then will your audience respond more favorably to the presentation’s substance and you. The correct PowerPoint templates or Google Slides templates will maintain the presentation’s consistency and enable audience interaction with your video.

Describe trends

Stories make up 70% of the most popular and creative presentations. You have to make a film on the most recent developments in your sector and add it. The video needs to provide novel perspectives on the current and future of the subject matter’s field. 

Your audience will know the present market scenario if you discuss the broad market trends. This increases engagement since it gives the audience a feeling of control and drives them. 

The industry-trends-focused film will nudge viewers to chat about where they are now and what opportunities they are looking for. After the patterns are analyzed, any operational gaps can be filled, and modifications can be made.

Videos should be brief

Including short films in your presentations is the secret to hitting the appropriate buttons. You have a unique chance to quick-pitch with short video material. It needs to be instantly understandable, hard-hitting, and relevant videos. 

Like nothing else, brief and exciting video clips may draw viewers to your content. Not only that, but short movies are simple to share, reuse, and recall across several marketing platforms. Your little film needs to be direct and to the point. Treat your viewers like kings and offer them snippets of an engaging tale while making a little video.

Utilize emotional stimuli

It is important to first comprehend what emotional triggers are. These are the characteristics of the activities or characteristics seen in films that stimulate an emotional reaction. Video creation should begin with the establishment of a relevant persona. This will elicit a feeling and keep your audience’s attention for the duration of the presentation. 

Videos provide you with the unique option to enlarge and focus on certain parts of the screen. Your viewers will be more attentive to the main points of your topic if you use close-ups in the video.

Pick the appropriate path

Music is the literature of the heart, as someone once stated. You should choose and incorporate the music based on the presentation’s subject. If the video is a motivating presentation for your staff, the music should be upbeat and energizing. Subtle music may be effective if you’re attempting to convince your audience to pay attention to a serious subject. 

The video should include dramatic music if it is intended for sales or marketing campaigns. One should be aware of the genre that would be ideal for their industry. The greatest choice for business presentation films is to use warm, engaging, and subtle songs.

To Sum Up

With PowerPoint, you can broadcast your presentation live. As a plug-and-play presentation, the whole presentation may be created as a video. Video material in your presentation may instantly capture your audience’s attention. It is common for presenters to begin with a video. The ultimate goal is to express more with less. Your video should evoke a certain feeling in your viewers. Today’s audience wants diversity; only then can engagement be assured.

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