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A Guide To Social Commerce

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When we talk about social commerce, the two terms – social media and e-commerce instantly strike our minds. And rightly so. Social commerce is the integration of e-commerce in social media platforms, and it is also the next big thing every business will prioritize. 

And we say you get started before everyone does. If you are an e-commerce brand and sell products online, then you probably know the functionality, hassles, and benefits of e-commerce. And now, there is a new way of marketing – social commerce.

In this blog, we will tell you all about social commerce, and why you should introduce social commerce strategy into your e-commerce business.

Why Introduce Social Commerce Into E-Commerce Marketing?

In today’s times, the shelf value of new inventions and discoveries is comparatively lower than what it used to be. People are looking for new things to explore and new technologies to rely on.

There used to be a time when shopping online used to seem impossible, but in the past years, we have seen not only a terrific boom and acceptance of e-commerce as a concept but also online shopping becoming extremely mainstream. People trust e-commerce stores, and that’s something you can use as a brand to your benefit. 

Here is why you should introduce social commerce into your e-commerce marketing strategy.

It Widens Your Customer Base

Setting up a social shop is a great way to widen your customer base. Social commerce helps brands to sell their products through social media. This means your audience can be as wide as you want, and you can effectively reach a much larger audience. You can run social media campaigns and contests and directly use the generated content in your social shop.

A Great Strategy To Build Trust

Gaining brand trust is the most important strategy in building any e-commerce brand. A social shop can gain the confidence of customers in a much better way than any other strategy. You can use user-generated reviews and visual content like images and videos as social proof and build a credible reputation for your brand. Brands can create an ecosystem of transparency and genuine customer feedback to keep customers coming back for more.

Makes The Shopping Process Easy

Social commerce has many amazing benefits, but the best one has to be the smooth shopping process it provides. It is the most convenient way to shop because social commerce makes the shopping process faster and smoother. Many platforms provide features such as the buy button and in-app checkout; social commerce removes any distractions and lengthy and unnecessary steps for the shoppers.

How To Introduce Social Commerce Into E-commerce Marketing?

Now that you know the benefits of integrating social commerce into your e-commerce marketing strategy, let us talk about how to introduce social commerce into your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Many social media platforms allow users to set up social shops on social media and let you sell products directly through social media. Other than that, many e-commerce tools out there help brands sell their products socially rather than through social media. 


Being the top social media platform of the decade, people use Instagram avidly to explore and search for brands and products.

By setting up an Instagram shop for your brand, you can invite an unmatchable audience and eventually increase conversions. 

There are many ways you can you Instagram’s social commerce feature, such as the Shopping Tags enables businesses to tag their products in posts and stories. This is a more direct way. 

You can also sell products through the ‘Shop Tab.’ This is a separate space where shoppers can browse and buy products that are listed by the brand itself or collaborators. 

E-Commerce Tools

Another way to introduce social commerce into your e-commerce strategy is by relying on e-commerce tools like Taggshop. You can use this highly functional tool to create a shoppable feed of UGC or social content through a singular source like a hashtag or user handle and attach it to your e-commerce website. 

With this way of social commerce, you get to flaunt your social media presence and attract more customers to trust your brand. 

Over To You

E-Commerce is still a big thing in the market world, but as it is said, change is the only constant. It is important to keep constantly evolving and changing your brand’s implementation strategies. It is important to know where your e-commerce business is in terms of growth. 

Social commerce is that new big thing every industry is hopping upon because of its unmatchable benefits and scope in the future. 

By now, you are well aware of the functionalities of social commerce, and we hope this blog helps you implement it in your strategies.

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