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How to Repurpose Content for Social Media

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If you are a social media marketer, then you obviously understand the feeling of too many to-dos and too little time to do! With so much competition around, there is this perennial need for creating fresh and unique content that meets the objective since it’s one of the highest-paying freelance jobs. In order to make your job simpler and less time-consuming, there is this concept of content repurposing. 

Introduction to Content Repurposing 

Content Repurposing refers to using existing social media content and presenting the same in a new format. In other words, it is content recycling. This helps expand the reach of the existing content. 

Some people may take content repurposing as cheating the system, but it is not. You might fear that your audience might find out that your content is repetitive. You don’t want to project your image as someone who doesn’t care about creating new content.  

The topic of the blog post is “guide on choosing a logo font”. 

Looka is an online logo design and brand identity platform for entrepreneurs. It created a YouTube video from its existing blog post to reach a new audience. They simply repackaged and refurbished the old content and changed its format. They posted the video on YouTube keeping the title intact. 

Why Resort to Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing refers to the concept wherein you lease a new life to the content. This is something that you have already created for your social media channel. Content repurposing lets your audience get additional benefits from the same content. 

Time-saver: Time is money and when you save time, you save money, don’t you? Repurposing old content helps save valuable time. You already have the data for the content, you just need to tweak it and redistribute it. 

SEO: Who doesn’t love a good SEO boost? Content repurposing boosts Search Engine Optimization. The credibility of the content in the search engine increases when there are several pieces of the same content that center around similar keywords. 

Audience Reach: Repurposing content helps you maximize the reach of the content. When you redistribute the content, you reach out to a new set of audience. Your blog post is read by all those people who like reading long-form content. However, the same content in the format of a newsletter reaches people who like reading crisp content. 

7 Ways to Repurpose Social Media Content

When you are creating content for a long time, there are a number of informative and interesting ideas on your Instagram page, Blog, or even YouTube channel. Your audience might have missed seeing the content on your page. When you repost the same content with a twisted idea, the same concept gets a new lease of life. 

Reworking on present written content

Sometimes we feel restricted due to the media format. Social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram are all about videos and visuals, respectively. However, if you want to repurpose your blog content on these sites, you can try some popular methods. Written content can be published on Instagram through visuals. Still confused? Take a look at this image. 

Your existing blog post content can be turned into little snippets of information in the visual format, just like in the Instagram carousel post displayed above.

It is advisable not to copy and paste the content as an Instagram post. Instead, consider extracting interesting points and building a narrative around the same. 

Similarly, a YouTube video can take the viewers around your website letting them know that there exists such an interesting post to read. 

Twitter to your rescue

Short and engaging content on Twitter helps catch the attention of the audience. A single blog post can be turned into several tweets and posted on Twitter. You can even create infographic content based on key statistics sourced from an Ebook. These key statistics need to have good hits on social media. 

Presented here is a screenshot of the video meeting arranged by Labnol. The meeting image was repurposed on Twitter to give information on a topic. This one is for the target audience that is interested in learning something fast.   

Maximize the life of your Livestream

Content refurbishing can help you extend the life of Livestream. You just need to save your live video and upload it on YouTube. Now, share some snippets of the Livestream on Twitter or Instagram. Such ideas can help you get the attention of your audience. 

Livestream offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to content refurbishing. It can be posted on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and other similar social media channels. 

Turn your old content into GIF

There are some videos on your social media channel that have garnered immense popularity. Such video clips and animations can be turned into a GIF. 

Yes!, you read it right! The World Wide Web is brimming with tools that will help you do that. The most interesting thing is that GIFs instantly grab the attention and also, make for shareable content. They are relatable and spike the interest level of the audience

Questions and Curiosity 

If one of your high-quality videos ends with a question, then you can benefit from it. Questions are mostly answered by the audience. If they know something or want to participate in the conversation, they will definitely answer. Such questions can be repurposed on other social media platforms. 

Social Media Platforms have such sections. For instance, LinkedIn has LinkedIn Q&A. There are polls on Twitter and Facebook as well. 

All this creates different opportunities that help in engaging your audience with the content that already exists. It might even spike curiosity for something that is yet to be released.  

Answers and Solutions

While there are many questions that still need to be asked, there are some that still need to be answered. 

Such unanswered questions are the opportunity that you need to tap on. 

Find your blog post that has a good number of visits. Now, ask a question that your blog answers. Search this question on other social media platforms. Further, answer that question with a link to your blog post or YouTube video, or Instagram post. 

This is a snapshot from quora.com. Someone has asked this question regarding confidence. If yours is a self-help blog post, then you can answer this question with a link to your blog. You can even search Facebook and LinkedIn communities for questions that your existing content answers. 

Through content repurposing or linking the content in the comments section, you establish relationships. This further increases the chances of getting noticed by the audience that has asked similar questions.

Tap the world of SlideShare

You have a huge treasure of blog posts sitting and smiling at the audience., turn it into a presentation format. This is one of the best ways to repurpose blog posts. For this, identify high-performing blog content. Next, reproduce the blog content into a SlideShare.  

SlideShare has become quite popular because it is easy to share. The same blog content is introduced to the audience in a new easy-to-comprehend format. With presentations, there are a plethora of possibilities including graphic elements, infographics, caricatures, etc. Presentations make the blog content very interesting. 


You know that your content is great and hence, you have a good following on social media. However, it is a little difficult to create high-quality content in a short time. Good content requires adequate time, lots of research, and a plethora of resources. All this makes content creation a tedious process. Repurposing your old content is not a shortcut. It is a strategy that helps you revive your old high-quality content and offer your audience relevant information.

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