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Website Design for Law Firms: A How-to Guide

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Are you looking to build a website for your law firm, or do you want to optimize the law firm website that you already have? Anyhow, this article will be your guide!

Continue reading to learn the fundamentals of designing an effective law firm website.

How does website design help your business to grow?

Many legal professionals find creating a website outside their field of expertise. Hence, this can be a daunting experience for them. But to continue growing, your law firm needs to have a website in today’s age.

With personal referrals, it is essential to remember that potential clients will likely look up recommendations online. And your firm’s online marketing efforts are even more critical for those who turn directly to the web when facing a legal problem because they don’t have someone to ask for a recommendation.

Marketing your law firm website

There is ample opportunity for growing your practice by law firm content marketing. However, selling online also requires a significant level of responsibility for attorneys.

The first step in marketing your law firm is to make a marketing plan by developing your firm’s mission, vision, and value statement. Learning and applying these marketing strategies and regulations is essential in law firm marketing.

Website development and design basics

After deciding to invest in your website’s design, a good next step is:

  1.  How to set up your website?
  2. Which website will work best for your firm’s needs?
  3. How do you want it to look?

Factors to consider for hiring a law firm website designer

If you hire a professional website designer, ensure you get what you are looking for at the best price. Apart from price estimates, the following are some questions to consider when hiring a web developer for your law firm website:

  • How long will the website take?
  • Can you update content on your own?
  • Will you be available for any software or security update in the future? 
  • How will your website be optimized for search engines?
  • Who will be the owner of the domain and hosting accounts?

However, some of these questions are up-front to answer. But factors like cost and time need a little bit of discussion. And find someone matching your budget, knowledge level, and time availability.

How to make your website accessible?

Following are There are technical ways to make your website accessible.

  • You can use many tools to evaluate the accessibility of website design for law firms. 
  • An excellent place to start is to turn off the styling for your website. 
  • It will leave mainly text behind, so you’ll quickly see whether or not you’ve arranged the information on your site correctly.

Website design

A website design should be easy, as a website is fundamental to your firm’s marketing strategy. Often, it is the first interaction for your prospective clients that they will have with your brand! It will not only help your website to generate leads, but it will also set you apart from the competition. 

Best law firm website tips and best practices

So, are you ready to build your law firm website? If you want to create an excellent law firm website, 

  1. Put your website and visitors first

While your law firm’s website is a marketing tool for your practice, it’s essential to remember that the most successful websites focus on meeting what clients are looking for rather than only marketing to clients.

  1. Consider the essential pages

Your website needs to have essential sections or pages that should be present in your law firm website:

About page

On the about page, you will discuss which areas of law you’re passionate about, what you want to bring about, and why! Start by writing as if you are introducing yourself to a client face-to-face. It will make your website more friendly and personable.

Contact page

Another essential page that Your website must have is a contact page, which will be perfect if it complements a form.

You can further widen the horizon by providing a list of your contact information. Ideally, your contact page should have the following:

  • Address
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Social media platforms link


Blogs are used to talk and discuss what you know best. It will discuss the law relating to the individual’s regular issues. It’ll help engage your future clients instead of just a block of legal jargon. 


If happy clients willingly let you quote on your site, do it! If you want compelling testimonials, it’s best to be specific. Ask clients to be precise with what they liked about your service. The testimonial will sound more legitimate. Your audience will better understand your past successes and why you’re better than the competition.


What do you charge? Do you charge per hour or a flat fee? How flexible? Unless your jurisdiction requires it, you can put an exact number down. It will help you give your clients a rough idea of what they expect to pay.


This guide has highlighted and discussed how to market your website design using the tips and tricks mentioned above. Doing so can make the perfect website for your firm to help you grow your business! In a nutshell, this is a complete guide to building a website design for law firms.

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