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Why is Rebranding Important?

Logo designing is important, you cannot give a face to your brand unless you have designed an authentic logo for your brand. It is important to have brand recognition, and you cannot have it unless you have designed an attractive and relatable logo for your brand. Logo designing is one essential part of the whole branding, without any effective branding you cannot really create a brand and develop a brand for your organization. It is time to conduct an activity for you, give your mind a rest, and think of every brand that you can think of? You may have KFC, McDonald’s, NIKE, or Apple in your mind. One of the main reasons why these are the only brands that we had in our heads is because their logos are pretty much etched in our minds.

Rebranding a logo is a bold step, not many brands go for it as they fear they might get forgotten by their audience. This is the legit concern and an entirely new logo for a brand can result in people forgetting them. However, the small changes in the logo can go a long way, people do notice small changes and make a whole new image and picture of the brand in their mind. However, the main question arises, when is the perfect time to rebrand your logo? When do we know it is the time, we should do it? As we have to make sure we are not making any hasty decisions and doing everything smartly.

When Should We Rebrand the Logo?

The answer is you can never be 100% sure that your decision of rebranding is going to work, there are always some concerns and risks that are going to be with your brand. However, there are some instances that tell you it might be the time for you to bring some changes to your brand, or revisit your overall brand strategy. The rebranding includes a whole lot more things than just a logo, it includes your color, your aura, the message you are sending, or changing your brand strategies as well.

Reasons to Rebrand Your Brand

In case you are still confused as to at what stage you think you should go for rebranding, here we are to make things much easier for you. You can choose the one that suits your brand the most and get onto it.

1. Difference in Brand Perception

This is one of the most famous types of problems that most organizations face and most times they do not even recognize it as a problem. Organizations launch their brands and services, without devising any strong brand strategy, something that can go with their target audience perfectly. 

No matter how good the flow of sales is with time their overall brand personality is changed and is perceived differently. Whatever your initial brand strategy, corporate image, or personality was, your audience perceives it differently, it is shaped according to their own experience, and this is where the problem comes. Not realizing what your brand needs and how its personality should be at the initial stage is the problem. However, if you realize this problem midway you can do rebranding to establish a new image of your brand in the market.

2. Target Market is Undefined

One of the biggest mistakes that most organizations make is they do not realize their target market, they do not define them and then later fail to market them effectively. Saying “we target everybody out there” is such a lazy statement. You need to make sure your target market is properly defined, there has to be a proper strategy behind it with reasoning. When your target market is defined, you cannot know who you are communicating to? Or what your audience really needs from your brand.

You are a brand and your job is to please your customers either with your service or the product that you are offering. In order to develop a connection with your audience, you have to make sure you know the audience that you are catering to. Get out of your comfort zone and be ready to make sacrifices to please your audience. 

There is a constant change in your audience, therefore keeping a tab on them and knowing them is one important factor. When you think you are losing that touch and connection with your audience, you have to start building it or maybe to build it you can start with rebranding. 

3. Brand Losing Relevance

When you think your brand is losing its relevance and you need a big upgrade it is time to rebrand your whole brand. Many known and catchy brands have done this scheme and have effectively done it. Tiffany & Co. is the perfect example of it, they did not only change their target audience but also change the resonance they had with their customers. 

One of the main recognition points of Tifanny & Co. is its blue color, initially; it was more focused on the older women like mothers and the older sisters. Today, the target audience is young people buying jewelry. However, they did not make any substantial changes to their brand, but whatever changes they brought to the brand they were quite bold. 

4. Change in the Product/Service

This is one pretty obvious stage, when you have changed your whole brand or whatever you are offering you have got to change the branding as well. What is the point of having a logo showing you are a pasta place when you are now introducing pizza and other Italian cuisines as well? It means you are misguiding your audience and providing them with incomplete information. When you are providing new experiences to the customers you have to make sure your brand is communicating it too. 

When you have a strong brand strategy you define and explain that the new space is important and vital. Your brand should rebrand itself and show the change that you have brought in your strategies through your branding. 

How many successful rebranding stories are you aware of? 

Featured Image by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

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