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Generating  Multiple Streams of Online Income: A Financial Planning Guide

Let’s face it. We’re currently living in some turbulent times, under a constantly expanding shroud of volatility and uncertainty. Today, it’s becoming more difficult to manage personal and household expenses on a single income stream. But if you’re working online, you’re in luck.

Cutting corners and trying to create a reasonable budget may help. But it isn’t a permanent solution. What you need is to diversify your online income stream. And if you’re a freelancer or trying to find multiple passive income streams online, you can do that in many legitimate ways.

In light of this, we’re going to talk about how to build multiple income streams online along with managing those income streams. We will also talk about how you can track and manage your earnings.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Some Brilliant Ways You Can Maximize Your Online Income Stream

Become an online tutor

If you want to multiply your earnings as a freelancer, there’s nothing better than offering services as an online tutor.

The market size for online tutoring in the US currently stands at $2.1 billion and is rapidly growing. Plus, compiling your knowledge into digestible online lectures will be easier if you’re good at something.

Additionally, there are plenty of authentic and reputed teaching websites where you can teach at flexible hours. After gradually building your target audience, you can easily create your independent website to convert your lead traffic directly. If you picture yourself working as an online tutor but want to move on to coaching or online training later on, you might want to invest in the right set of tools. With that in mind, know that online coaching software might prove useful later on to assist you in keeping all information and activities in one location, making running the business simpler.

Sell the photos you take

Selling digital artwork, stock images, and photos is another way to earn money online. Some reputed and globally embraced websites allow you to subscribe, upload pictures, and earn commissions when sold.

Moreover, you can even introduce this service on your website for interested parties. With the number of content people churn out daily, everybody needs high-quality stock images.

So, this can be a great way of earning money. However, keep in mind that you won’t get rich overnight.

Do micro-jobs

Micro jobs are an excellent way of augmenting your online income. Plus, they’re less demanding and less time-intensive. And over time, you can rack up quite a decent penny. A great example of a micro job can be filling out online surveys. Some survey platforms may even pay up to $50 per survey.

Similarly, another excellent and passive way of earning money is to subscribe to a data-sharing app. However, unlike micro jobs, the best thing about using a data-sharing app like Honeygain is that you won’t have to do anything actively.

The app pays you for using your internet. It’s crowdsourced, secure, and even has a good referral program that pays great commissions to users.

Powerful Financial Planning Strategies for Beginners

Understand where the money flows

The best way to start building a long-term and successful financial plan is to understand where your money goes 365 days a year.

One of the best ways to do this is using credit or debit cards. You see, it is challenging to track cash payments. With credit/debit cards, you can track where you’ve spent money and how to save money.

Utilize separate bank accounts

If you have multiple income streams, keeping savings and salary account separate for your expenditure and the other for saving and tracking your expenses is wise. Using one bank account could make things a bit tricker and potentially messy when drafting a budget.

Don’t forget to pay yourself

Whenever you receive your revenue, pay yourself the profits first. Then keep the rest of the money in a different checking account.

Don’t just go spending your profits on paying bills, shopping, or other miscellaneous expenses. Do all this from the percentage your pay yourself. This is how you will build financial discipline. 

Important Tips for Tracking and Managing Your Finances

Develop a realistic budget for your monthly expenses

One of the most effective ways to stay atop your finances is via precision-based, realistic budgeting.

You’ll be able to track your spending habits and will learn to make do with the money you pay yourself. Apart from becoming better at financial planning, budgeting also instills a sense of responsibility.

You become more accountable and aware of what you’re spending and where you’re spending it. Gradually, you will learn how to control your impulses and, instead, route all that money back into your business.

Minimize recurring expenses

If you’ve subscribed to multiple services (and you don’t use most of them), it’s time to disconnect. Monthly subscriptions can rack up quite an amount if not checked or used—an amount you can save.

And do it just for the general principle. Why waste money on things you don’t use?

Bottom Line

All in all, these are some excellent ways you can increase your online income and learn how to stay financially responsible.

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