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Best Import and Export WordPress Plugins 

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If you are looking for the best WordPress Import and Export plugins, then you are in the right place.

You may need to import/export data for any purpose. It is essential to import/export data securely without losing any data. Doing it manually might be time-consuming. WordPress offers a variety of plugins to facilitate the migration of posts, orders, comments, products, coupons, and more.

In this article, you will see the top import/export WordPress plugins that allow store owners to migrate any data effortlessly.

1. Advanced Import 

Advanced Import is a powerful plugin that enables users to transfer demo data from their WordPress or Theme to a different website. Initially, users must agree to the terms and privacy settings of the respective themes. You can only import demo data from the Advance Export. When importing demo data from WordPress or Theme, Advanced Import captures the template and images in JSON files as well as screenshots.

This plugin allows for the customization of the functionality and design through the use of the existing hooks. It allows for the import of demo data, including widgets, media, posts, pages, custom post types, and more. The demo data can be categorized according to the website builder. The plugin allows you to display multiple templates within a single dashboard. It’s a free plugin.


  • Categorize demo data based on its type or category
  • Personalize the plugin functionality using the existing hooks
  • Import different demo data like posts, widgets, custom post types & more
  • Capture images, screenshots, or other content in JSON files while importing

2. Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Import Export plugin is an all-in-one solution to manage all your product data across all your sites. You can import or export your product data using various file formats such as XML, Excel, and CSV. WooCommerce product import plugin allows you to import or export any data of any product type, including Simple, Variable, External, Grouped, Subscription, and Custom Product types.

If you have a lot of products in your store, you can use this plugin to batch the product data and use it to import or export them in WooCommerce. You can edit or update the product data while it’s being imported. You can also schedule the import and export of the product data through FTP. Furthermore, you can import products from other eCommerce platforms with the help of the import mapping column.


  • Multiple export/import methods are available
  • Store all past import/export data and run them later
  • Schedule product data migration process via multiple FTP profiles 
  • Make bulk changes or updates to product data during the import

Price: Starts from $69/year. 

3. WP All Import

This WP All Import plugin makes it super easy to import any type of XML or CSV file or to download data using URLs or FTP. It’s got everything from posts and pages to taxonomies and reviews. This includes a wide range of data types, such as posts, pages, users, comments, orders, coupons, inventory logs, and more. All data can be managed with the ease of drag and drop. 

You can use the plugin to create a special identifier that will let you automatically detect the file later. You can also set up rules in WordPress to filter out the importing data. You can set up a schedule to import the file, but it only works if you’re downloading the file or using an existing one. The unique identifier can be the product ID, SKU, or something else.


  • Use custom rules to filter data in WordPress
  • Import multiple data in XML or CSV format smoothly
  • Manage all data while importing with drag & drop option
  • Access any data with product ID or SKU as a unique identifier

Price: Starts from $149/year. 

4. Amazon Product Importer & Affiliate 

With the Amazon Product Import & Affiliate plugin, you can directly import your promoted products or affiliate products from the Amazon marketplace directly into your WooCommerce store. You can import multiple types of data, such as names, SKUs, images, categories, attributes, customer reviews, etc.

You can either add new or update existing Amazon product information using product ID. This extension works with all Amazon marketplaces around the world. You can easily manage the imported products using the advanced options. The plugin supports Simple, Variable, and Affiliate Products. 


  • Import Amazon products to WooCommerce in one click
  • Run the imported products as an affiliate 
  • Edit or update the product information with the product ID 
  • Plugin supports the global Amazon marketplace

Price: Starts from $79/year. 

5. WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export

WooCommerce Users and Customers Import Export plugin allows you to export and import users from another website to/from your WordPress site. You can import users based on their roles, emails, date range, and WooCommerce data. You can also use evaluation fields to modify bulk values when importing users.

With this plugin, you can migrate the existing or customized user passwords while importing or exporting in WooCommerce. You can also export your WordPress users and passwords. It is also the best plugin to back up or export your guest users within WooCommerce. You can migrate your users’ and customer’s data using XML file format, CSV file format, Excel file format, or TSV file format. 


  • Use Cron Job or FTP to schedule import/export data
  • An option to skip the duplicated imported data 
  • Securely migrate user passwords from one site to another
  • Allows bulk modification while importing user data 

Price: Starts from $69/year. 

6. JSON Content Importer 

If you want to show data in the JSON feed, you can use the JSON Content Importer on your WordPress page. It can either be downloaded from the URL or converted to HTML. You can also set up other settings, like how long the JSON feed will stay in the cache, how many items it will show, and so on. You can also set the template and URL for your JSON feed.

The plugin can be used in Gutenberg mode to test the real data and to generate shortcodes. The option can be customized or added depending on the performance of the JSON-API. The template engine can be used to insert the JSON data into the template. The plugin makes it easy to manage and import the temporarily stored data.


  • Insert data into the template using the template engine
  • Set different cache settings in the plugin
  • Easily import content that’s been stored temporarily
  • Show live JSON data in WordPress

Price: Starts from €59.00/year. 

7. Product CSV Import Suite 

Product CSV Import Suite can easily import thousands of products into another WooCommerce site. This plugin allows you to capture the custom field info without having to use custom code. It can also be used to update products in bulk, like prices, descriptions, and other custom info. It works with both simple and complex product types.

This plugin makes it easy to export data from a CSV file to your website. You can either move the published or drafted products, set a limit on how much you can export, or just skip the first line of products in your CSV. You can either export all the data at once or transfer some to your site.


  • Migrate multiple WooCommerce products instantly
  • Update bulk product’s price, description, or more
  • Support complex product or custom product data 
  • Export all product data from the WooCommerce store 

Price: Starts from $59/year.   

8. WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is a plugin that enables you to import any type of content in XML or CSV files in a short amount of time. You can import any custom posts created by plugins such as JetEngine, CPT UI, Toolset, and more. You can import blog posts, media, taxonomies, custom fields, comments, and more.

The plugin can be used to add new fields with values to the existing posts or to add more posts using the import file. You can import compressed zip files using FTP, PC, or URL. You can choose specific files while importing data. By enabling media handling, you can easily manage external images while importing your site data.


  • Import any data based on categories or tags
  • Import comments, reviews & custom fields 
  • Supports WooCommerce, JetEngine, & more 
  • Export post, orders, products, refunds, etc

Price: Starts from $149 (Lifetime free support).

9. Widget Importer & Exporter

The Widget Import and Export plugin can be used to import or export widgets from one location to another, store a backup of widgets, and more. It can also be used to export the widgets that are currently active. The imported file contains a clean formatted table describing what is happening in each area of the widget or any other changes.

Smart handling of this plugin makes it super easy to get rid of duplicate widgets. You can just compile all the widgets into one file and move them to another site. Since the widgets are well-organized on the sheet, it is easy to detect any problems before migrating to another site. It’s a free plugin.


  • Transfer unsupportive widgets to the inactive widget section
  • Export widget files with .wie extension in JSON format
  • Import widget data in a table format clearly
  • Back up the existing widget data in WordPress

10. Order, Coupon, Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Coupon, Subscription, Order Export & Import plugin will help you move orders, or subscriptions from your site to another site. You can use multiple file types in WooCommerce. For example, you can use XML file format, CSV file format, Excel file format, etc. It can help you migrate coupons, too.

This plugin works with an easy-to-use Ajax interface so that you can import and export data in WooCommerce without any hassle. You can keep track of the import and export process with the History, Debug Log, and Schedule sections. You can also use the Cron Job feature to schedule import data automatically.


  • Different formats to import/export coupons, orders, and subscription data
  • The plugin supports drag-and-drop mapping columns
  • Create custom data imports/exports using different filter settings
  • Migrate data using pre-built templates or advanced settings

Price: Starts from $69/year. 

11. Export Order Items for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Export Order Items is a great plugin to export order details of every sale in your eCommerce store. You can organize the order data according to specific purchase details. You can create a report for your eCommerce store immediately. The plugin allows you to sort the data by order IDs and product IDs. The order data can be exported in CSV format.

This plugin lets you quickly export the bulk data from WooCommerce orders and organize it in ascending or descending order. You can filter the info based on the status of the order, like if it’s processed, completed, or payment pending. The plugin enables you to add 18 data fields to your report and manage the data with ease.


  • Enter 18 data fields in the export order item report
  • Sort order data by product ID in ascending/descending
  • Create reports based on the custom date range
  • Use purchase details to export specific order data 

Price: Starts from $59/year  

12. Meks Video Importer

The Mekse Video Importer plugin is an excellent tool for importing large-scale videos from both YouTube and Vimeo. It can be used to create custom posts and pages on a website, as well as to import videos from any WordPress website. This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce websites, allowing users to set up a variety of import options without any difficulty.

This plugin lets you add video descriptions to your post automatically. You can import videos from different places like a playlist, a channel, a search query, or even specific users. You can pick the type of post, the status, the categories, the tags, or even custom taxonomies when importing videos. It’s a free plugin. 


  • Import YouTube and Vimeo videos in bulk
  • Choose post status & format for imported videos
  • Add video description to the post content automatically
  • Choose any website user as an imported video author

13. S2W – Import Shopify to WooCommerce

S2W – Import Shopify to WooCommerce plugin lets you quickly and easily import your data from Shopify into WooCommerce. All you need is your Shopify API key, and you’ll be able to transfer your data directly to WooCommerce and keep it safe in private mode. You can also migrate Shopify products using images and categories.

This plugin lets you import tons of products from Shopify into WooCommerce without any limits. You can change the order of the products by using the title or date. It also lets you move product data according to Ajax’s needs. You can import a bunch of different things, like different product types, categories, product statuses, and more.


  • Use log files to import Shopify’s product/category
  • Quickly import Shopify data into WooCommerce
  • Import Shopify products and categories data to WooCommerce
  • Transfer Shopify data to WooCommerce using Shopify API

Price: Starts from $79.25/year. 


Listed WordPress Import/Export plugins in this article have a wide range of features. Some of them may need a premium subscription to access their full capabilities. With these plugins, you can easily fulfill your WordPress import/export store data migration needs. 

We hope this article will help you find the best WordPress Import/export plugins for your website and manage your entire migration process effectively.

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