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MySpace Open Sources Advanced Browser Performance Tool For IE

July 1st, 2009 No comments

Developers tend to tease MySpace for its look, but the insiders are incredibly impressed by some of the engineering behind the scenes (e.g. their internal monitoring tools are said to be second to none).

They have surprised us again with their new tool MSFast which is "a browser plugin that help developers to improve their code performance by capturing and measuring possible bottlenecks on their web pages."

The IE 8 tools are getting better, but in general no one has been able to touch Firebug (and the new WebKit Inspector improvements) but this tool is actually plugin for IE! It captures a lot:

  • Measure the CPU hit and memory footprint of your pages as they render on the client’s browser
  • Review screen shots of the page while it renders
  • Review the rendered HTML on each point of the page’s lifecycle
  • Measure and show estimates of the time it takes to render each section of the page in different connection speeds
  • Validate the content of your page against a set of proven “best practice” rules of web development
    Review downloaded files and show download time estimation on different bandwidths


That is some impressive data, and great to be able to test on IE where it has been SO hard to do so in the past.