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Real time Traffic Statistics And Analysis From FeedJit

April 7th, 2009 No comments

You probably noticed “Live Traffic Feed” widget that I have in the right sidebar and today I took a deeper look what else I can get from it… Turned out this little widget is quite more powerful than it looks from outside.

In the basic view FeedJit display visitors in real time with the link to the referring page so you can check who sending you traffic right from your front page. If you click on “Watch in real time” link on the bottom of the widget it will forward to the FeedJit website where you can see more extended results.



For example if visitor was referred by the search engine – there will be exact search term he used to find your site. Also it shows browser and operating system visitors are using and if they left your site by clicking on one of the links – you’ll see which link it was. Two more options – visitors map and statistics for most popular pages.

This little widget could be a very nice analytical tool but the drawback is – it does not provide any historical data. All you can get is real time 20 or so results. If at some point developers decide to add some historical traffic results it can be very useful tool, probably even better than Google analytics which is far from being accurate.

Good thing I noticed – this widget loads very fast (much faster than Digg of Feedburner) and does not affect speed of your pages. Everything is external – all you do is insert small code snippet (can use sidebar text widget).

So if you want to have some fun watching who is knocking in the door and how they found you – go check out and let me know what you think of it. Widget is free to use and does not require registration.

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