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Coming Soon From FreelanceFolder — Getting Started Guides

June 3rd, 2009 No comments

Have you recently started a freelance business? Have you been thinking about starting one? Would you like some advice from experienced freelancers who have successfully started the same exact business as you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I have some good news — starting in the next week or two, FreelanceFolder will be launching “Getting Started Guides” aimed at helping new freelancers find their footing and successfully grow their business. Each guide will focus on a specific type of freelancing, e.g. graphic design, writing, web design, and will walk the reader through every single step necessary to start a freelance business in that industry.

From creating a corporation, to getting clients, to establishing a project workflow — these how to guides explain every step in detail, and are written by expert freelancers each individual field. For example, our “How To Start A Freelance Writing Business” guide is written by Laura Spencer, an experienced freelance writer who has been successfully earning a living on her own for over 7 years.

We’ll be launching these guides individually over the next few months — starting with “How To Start A Freelance Writing Business”. The first guide will be out in the next week or two, and will sell for $10-$15.

Want to be notified when each guide is launched? Want to get a serious discount when the guides are released? Sign up for the FreelanceFolder Early Notification List below, and you’ll be the first to get discounts, information, and news 🙂