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Kyle Bean Tech Cardboard Artwork Is Awe-inspiring!

July 2nd, 2009 No comments

Most of us have grown up making nondescript shapes out of cardboard in the art clagalleryss, and perhaps, it was the desire to create something eclectic, one that stands out among insipid, mundane works of juvenile creativity. Or, was it an inherent understanding that in every discarded piece of paperboard was a masterpiece waiting to be unlocked? Well, Kyle Bean, the author of ‘The Future off Books’ has no qualms admitting this rather apparent fact. With ample evidence, at that! Laptop boxes manifest into tiny lifeless cardboard laptops; while camera boxes get a shape makeover, replicating the object that they once housed. Simply amazing electronic art.

One of the most striking aspects of Kyle’s creations is the compactness in design. Each paperboard object seems to have been chiseled out of cardboard; not cut, bent and shaped into the designs that we are completely in awe of. Logic dispels doubts about the latter and this greatly magnifies the dexterity of this designer.

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