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NES Controller Belt Buckle

April 28th, 2009 No comments

Chris Borgan has revealed a quirky new Nintendo Belt Buckle, which would of course please the ones that are nerdy enough to wear something like that. Nintendo fans may find it appealing too, especially if one is heading towards a party that is filled with like-minded gamers.

Perhaps in the future we shall be able to recognize geeks by the belt buckles they wear. For instance, you would easily know the different preferences of geeks, especially in social gatherings. That way, a Nintendo fan need not unknowingly hit on a PSP fan and later realize the truth after things get really sour.

Though cool enough for addictive gamers, I somehow do not find it hip enough to be walking around with a buckle like that, with the shirt tucked in a clumsy way so as to reveal the geekiness of it all. If you are considering wearing one such belt buckle yourself, it should not be too difficult as you could make one for yourself using things that are easily available.

A highly unlikely candidate for haute couture, the Nintendo Belt Buckle certainly could be considered as a possible entrant to the geek couture collection. If you are not totally into Nintendo and still are a hardcore geek, I would suggest you either try the Pacman Belt Buckle or the Space Invaders Buckle.