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Commodore 64 Laptop Oozes Nostalgic Charm

May 20th, 2009 No comments

Commodore 64 has been one of the best selling computers of all time. However, the computer was not even close to even the least advanced computers available today. It came with a RAM of 64 KB and yet we loved to play Atari and other games on it. In fact, games such as Atari created a whole new culture which is now referred to as the old school gaming culture.


In order to recreate the beauty and nostalgia of this almost antique computer, Ben Heck has modded the C64 Laptop. He used a genuine C64C motherboard and a gamecube power supply in order to start with the project. He also used the SD card to impersonate the floppy disk.

In fact, many people might now need to be told what floppy disks were all about. Nevertheless, the Ben Heck modded C64 laptop is certainly cool and would make any retro guy happy enough to forget the snazziest of laptops available today. You could sit back and enjoy an old game of Atari yet again and relive all those golden moments, which are otherwise rusting in our memories.

I am sure your colleagues and friends would be surprised and glad too, to see you carrying this cool mod if you ever get to make it yourself or get one for yourself. They would be able to relive their own youthful days too! Ben Heck is one awesome guy who always seems to mod the most amazing products. If you have been following all his mods, you would know how cool his Xbox Controller Monitor Hack] was.