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Writing an effective “About Me” page

June 23rd, 2009 No comments

You are embarking on a new adventure…your very own website! You may have something to sell, something to tell, or just might want to be on the Internet for some other reason, or just because everyone else seems to be.
Regardless of the reason, there is one thing that all web sites
need, whether it is corporate or personal, and that is an “About” page.about
If you have a corporate, or business web site

, your “About” page will be about the company you have, or the products you are trying to sell. If it is a personal web site
however, the “About” page is usually about YOU.
So, what makes a good “About”, or “About me” page? First of all, I think your audience needs an introduction from you, so I would start with telling everyone, just who you are, and something about your background, and that will include:

   1. Where you came from?
   2. Where you were born and when?
   3. Who your parents were?
   4. What they did (if relevant)?
   5. How you were raised?
   6. You can speak about your religious background if that is appropriate.
   7. Where you are educated?
   8. Did you go to university? If so, what degrees did you earn?

This provides your reader with some idea of where your currents thoughts/ideas might have been formulated.

Try to make these factual statements about yourself entertaining, or at least well-structured and interesting to read. Don’t forget, you are laying the groundwork for someone to read your biography. In doing so, they will continue on reading being interested in what else you have to say on your website.

Now you have provided the reader with your background, begin telling the reader:

    * Why do you have this web site of yours?
    * What are your goals in providing this information?
    * Why information are you trying to impart?
    * What audience are you trying to reach?
    * What message are you trying to pass along to people who reach your web site?
    * Are you interested in trying to convince someone of something?
    * Do you have a cause you are promoting? If so, where in your background would you have reason to promote the cause?
    * Are you published?
    * Are you the creator of some wonderful invention?
    * Are you the son/daughter of someone famous with a need to correct some misconception of your parents?

These are all questions you should ask yourself when writing an “About me” page. The length of the page will depend entirely on your depth of experience in life and what you are representing. I suggest you take a look at as any web sites as you can to get ideas. See what other people have to say about them selves. Check out the “About me” pages for the famous, and not so famous. Which do you like, which “About me” holds your interest, which speaks to you and leaves you with a longing for the life just led. These are the pages that spring off the screen and truly tell you something about the person. Yours should do the very same thing. Good luck and I can’t wait to read all about you!