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Free Website Style Guide Photoshop Template

July 6th, 2009 No comments

If you are a website designer, you probably know that a style guide should be a core element of every professional website design and development process. Having a clear and well prepared style guide can save an enormous amount of time for developer and save the designer from having to explain the design details over and over. I have created a blank website style guide template.

Download it exclusively from Sharebrain:  a fully layered, well documented, blank Photoshop PSD template, with all design elements, typography tags, comments, ads, poll and many more, to speed up your design process and make your developers happier. It’s well documented layers make it super easy to adjust it to your needs, apply layer styles and add colors or effects as needed. Using the 960px grid system with guidelines makes layout rearranging a matter of seconds.



– 960px grid system with photoshop guidelines
– Header with Logo, Company name and company slogan
– Two level menu
– Two column layout with right sidebar
– Headline tags H1 – H4
– Typography formatting, including hyperlinks
– Category and Tags
– Video player with FlowPlayer layout
– Inline Image
– Quote box
– Social Bookmark icons
– Comments with avatars and comment form
– Search box
– Poll with voting results, Events with calendar icons, Ads and
Comments blocks in sidebar
– Footer with main menu links

Now please do 3 things:
a. Download it & use it 🙂
b. If you like it, tell everyone about it so we can bring you more freebies.
c. Share your designs with us in comments to this article.