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10 WordPress Plugins Guaranteed to Save You Time

May 28th, 2009 No comments

In these days of the ever-increasing competitive world of the web, time is as valuable as money. To be noticed, and to stay at the top of the game, content writers must post a lot of content on a regular basis. To keep up with time constraints, WordPress plugin authors provide an array of useful plugins that will drastically reduce the time required to write, format, and post your content.

In this article, you’ll find 10 excellent WordPress plugins intended to reduce and simplify tasks associated with blogging so that you can spend more time creating content, and less time with site administration.

1. Post Ideas – take charge and manage your post ideas

post idea

Post Ideas is a basic plugin that enables you to create rough drafts of ideas and thoughts for future articles without having to make a draft of the post. This plugin helps the writer enter a draft title, description, keywords, links, and most of all, priority of the post idea. Once all the ideas are collected, the writer can pick an article to write by either priority or self-preference. This will enable you to have a web-based idea bank that sits right inside your WordPress installation.

2. Tidy Up – Automatically find errors and clean up your HTML

Tidy Up

Tidy Up is a port of HTML Tidy into WordPress. This plugin can run the HTML Tidy algorithm through all of your posts and or pages and return a proper generated report regarding the HTML code in your posts or pages. In case it contains any kind of errors, it points out to the writer where it is and how to fix it. The plugin does not stop there; it also features a database-cleaning utility that removes unnecessary data in your MySQL database.

3. Pages+ – Deal with many pages with ease


The Pages+ plugin is very handy in case your site has many pages. The default ‘manage’ option via the Administrative Control Panel in WordPress provides very little features for managing any of your  pages. Page orders, categorization, deletion, addition, and much more, can be accomplished via this awesome plugin.

4. Mass Post Manager – Save time managing old posts

Mass Post Manager

Mass Post Manager helps you easily manage existing posts. This plugin enables you to manipulate the categories and comments related to existing posts. This is an essential plugin to have in case you need to re-allocate categories of your posts, or manage the comments in the same posts, which is quite tedious via normal WordPress Administration Panel.

5.Attachment list – Easily spice up attachment icons without coding

Attachment list

Attachment List is a simple plugin that spices up those boring old icons that appear on the attachments of a post. You can use this plugin to replace the default icon used by WordPress and replace it with a set of icons, available free-to-use from

6. Survey Gizmo – Dealing with polls can’t be simpler than this

Survey Gizmo
Survey Gizmo
is a premium plugin that has a free version. This plugin is for creating, running, and managing survey results within the WordPress interface. The plugin also allows you to generate printable reports of your results.

7. Tweetable Twitter – Saves time in updating your Twitter feed

Tweetable Twitter

Tweetable Twitter is a great plugin if you use Twitter. Tweetable Twitter allows the user to integrate Twitter into your WordPress blog and automatically Tweets the latest post that you publish. The automatic Tweeting can also be configured to choose the URL shortening service of your choice.

8. Secure Files – manage file uploads securely

Secure Files

Secure Files is a plugin that aims to solve the problem faced by Registered Only plugin users. The latter plugin allows only Registered users on a particular website to view the content in it, whereas guests can’t see anything at all. Although this protects the content of your database – other files, such as images and CSS files, aren’t protected. The Secure Files plugin is developed to take care of that issue. This plugin allows users to create a directory outside of the root directory for file uploads and downloads. This is an essential plugin to have for multi-author blogs.

9. SmartVideoPlus – embed videos with ease


SmartVideoPlus is a plugin that will completely change your simple blog layout to a full-blown video website! Watch the demo of this awesome plugin here.

10. Sticky Post – no need to hack your WordPress theme to sticky a post

Sticky Post

Sticky Post is an impressive plugin that adds the specified post or article on top of each post in the website, without having to modify the current theme that the site uses. This is quite useful, if you want to grab the visitors’ attention with an old, but still is important, blog post.