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Registry Easy: The Ultimate Registry Cleaner?

July 9th, 2009 No comments

When it comes to registry cleaners, it can be a daunting task of epic proportions finding exactly what your computer needs. Constantly bombarded with advertisements for new and supposedly advanced speed increasing registry cleaners, it becomes difficult for one to see any difference between them. Riding on a proven track record of satisfied customers, the Registry Easy program appeared to have everything customers could want. But is the Registry Easy software as really powerful as they claim?

Registry Easy

To find out, our investigation began from the perspective of any regular client in need of registry cleaning or system optimization. Upon visiting, certain attributes of this software were quite appealing, including its listed benefits. It is time to find out how well it actually performs – here’s a Registry Easy review.

After download and installation, which were quite simple, the program needed to be put to the test. Loaded on an ever increasingly slow computer, the first glance at Registry Easy was encouraging. Its options were laid out simple enough for even a child to figure out, while still concealing the immense options it possessed.

Before starting the scan, the software was used to create a backup point just in case of any unmonitored deletion that might affect overall functionality. With the click of the auto scan button, the program went straight to work collecting a long list of problems with the registry, not to mention a slew of other issues. At first count, nearly 1,200 separate problems were found and corrected. The whole process was done in just a few minutes, and the backup was deemed unnecessary this time.

Ease of use was a major concern for most users, and the Registry Easy software compensated with a simple yet effective layout. Although the basic scans were easy to perform, it did take a minute or two to figure out the more advanced features. The new registry optimization feature worked seamlessly, although its overall affect seems miniscule compared with the registry cleaning itself.

To lay out our review as easily as possible for those too lazy to read through everything, here are the main pros and cons found with Registry Easy.


  • A very user friendly interface that defines ‘ease of use’.
  • The scan itself is quite fast, normally finishing within minutes and providing a comprehensive list that states whether the entries are increasingly dangerous or just a small unnecessary file.
  • Provides a backup point that can reverse the hands of time from any accidental deletion.
  • Most importantly, it actually worked to increase computer speed.


  • During the short duration of the scan, system resources are focused on the software and can cause slowed performance of other programs.
  • Although there is a ticket system on their website for support, there is no live person support that is often offered by other registry cleaners.

For those that are still on the wall about making a purchase, remember that the Registry Easy program offers a free scan on their website. If you find that there are numerous problems currently housed on your computer, it is time to take the plunge. With a 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing but your registry problems to lose.

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